10 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

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10 Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party Ideas for Kids
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Everyone loves Halloween. It’s that time of the year when people can be spooky and fun at the same time. While most of us love the idea of a spooky Halloween party, some love the idea of playing trick or treat games and having fun activities, especially the kids. Here are some really crazy Halloween party ideas, activities and games that you can try for your next Halloween kids party.

Halloween Disney Costume Contest
Every kid has a favorite Disney cartoon character. You can host a Halloween Disney costume contest in your neighborhood and let the kids go Disney bounding as Mickey Mouse with wicked false teeth or Halloween Snow White princess. If you’re hosting this contest outdoors, you can decorate the place with posters and props of characters like the Madam Medusa or the Hag.

Witches and Wizards
Host a Witches and Wizards Halloween party for the kids. Let them come dressed as cute little witches and bring their brooms and hats along. Decorate your party space with spiderwebs, spiders and a cauldron with dry ice. Serve your wizards and witches with some spooky yet fun food like candy corn rice crispies, Halloween witch fingers (without coloring) and soda float.

Pumpkin Creativity Contest
Knives can hurt the little hands and turn your Halloween into an actual scary party. Instead of carving, host a pumpkin coloring contest. You can keep pumpkins of different sizes, paints, teeth and eyeballs and let the kids show their creativity. The winner of the best-carved pumpkin wins a Halloween cookie hamper. The Jack-O’-Lanterns created in the contest can be displayed outside the house for your evening Halloween party.

Ghost Hunt
This Halloween party game will make the kids run around the entire house. You can either choose to host it indoors or if you have space outside your house, plan this event outdoors. Make 7 – 8 cute little ghost-shaped cut-outs using cardboard. Paint it white and place round black eyes on it. Hide it in different corners of the house. If hosting an outdoor ghost hunt, place it in the bushes or behind trees. Give cues and hints and let the ghost hunt begin.

Decorate your Monster
Kids love coloring anything and everything around them. Give them an opportunity to show off their painting skills once again. Host a decorate your monster party, in which they form teams of two. They can choose the Halloween character they want to paint on their partner. To make it interesting, make it time-bound activity.

Pop Goes the Balloon
In this game, you’ll need a lot of white balloons (that’ll look like ghosts) and thread to tie it up. Gather the kids in one area. Blow the balloons and hang them from the wall in a row. Each kid will face one 1 balloon and will get a dart. They need to aim and throw the dart at the balloon. The one who pops the most balloons is the winner.

Aim the Witch
This Halloween game requires witch hats and hula hoops. You can place 3 hats next to each other at a little distance. Make teams of 2 in each team. Blindfold one member and let the other one guide him/her to aim and throw the hoop on the hat. The team that gets it right is the winner.

Host a Halloween Craft Contest
There a lot that kids can do when it comes to a Halloween craft contest. Pick one theme and get started. Paper Jack-O’-Lanterns, spider webs on ice cream sticks and bats made out of black paper plates with wings are some ideas you use for the Halloween craft contest.

Make a Halloween Snack
Kids love snacks. Host a Halloween snack making contest. You can invite the moms as well so they can help the kids in making a great snack. From trick or treater sugar cookies to chocolate-dipped oreo bat balls, you have multiple options, the mom and kid duo can pick and make at the Halloween snack contest.

Find the Cherry in the Pumpkin
This may sound a bit gross but is one of the best Halloween fun ideas for your party. Grab a Jack-O’-Lantern and add slime made of glue, glitter and confetti. You can throw a cherry or a vampire ring in it. Let the kids put their hands in the slime to find the ring within a minute.

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