10 Must-Have Event Management Software Features

10 Must-Have Event Management Software Features

Organizing events and selling tickets manually has been your forte. But this time you decided to be a little more efficient and look for an event management software that’ll save you time and money. With multiple companies offering you event management solutions and software, you’re confused. One thing that can help you decide on the best event management software is its features. Here are the top 10 features we think is a must-have for every event management software.

Virtual Box Office

With multiple activities to handle while organizing an event, time is what you need. For example, this holiday season if you’ve planned 10 events, you wouldn’t want to create each event from scratch. This must-have feature helps you save a whole lot of time. We call it “The Virtual Box Office”. It gives you single-click access to the event wizard, real-time sales analytics, reporting, inventory management and a lot more. Are you wondering how does it save time? It has a performance customization feature that lets you create multiple events in no time. Using this feature, you can simply copy your existing event and make changes to it.

Online Ticket Store

Does your event management software offer you a platform to showcase your events? Another feature you must consider is the online ticket store which is also referred to as the events page. This store lets you display all your events in a single page. 

The online ticket store is like the stage of a theater, it’s the most happening drama everyone wants to see. It’s where your attendees can see the event details like the date, artist information, and address of the venue. When you promote your event online, they are directed to the online store to purchase tickets. With Yapsody’s event registration and management software, you can customize your store the way you like it. You can add your brand logo, colors, images of your artists and external links to your social media pages. You can also geo-tag your events so your attendees know how to get to the venue.

Multiple Payment Gateway

When you deal with your attendees’ hard-earned money, you can’t take a risk. Payment gateways are a secure way of collecting payments. When an attendee buys a ticket, these systems authorize payments from the attendee’s account directly to your bank account.

While most event ticketing companies may have limited payment gateway options, our event management software offers multiple choices to you. Our popular payment gateways include Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, WePay and many others for close to 60 countries across the globe. That way, you receive the money from the ticket sales directly to your bank account.

Multi-language Support

As an event manager, you don’t want the language to be a barrier between you and your audience. An event management software with multi-language support gives you an upper edge as compared to your competitors. 

Whether you’re in France, Spain or Germany, our event management software lets you create your event in your native language. Our software supports 15 prominent languages so you can connect with your attendees easily without a communication barrier. Apart from language, we also support 170+ currencies across the globe. Do you want to check if your currency is supported? Click here to find out.

Seating Arrangement Options

Attendees look for convenience, especially in the world of digitalization wherein most attendees want to reserve their seats or buy general admission tickets in advance. The seating arrangement feature not only offers convenience but also lets the attendees pick their preferred seat from anywhere and anytime.

Be it a club event or tech conference, using our event management software, you can recreate your venue with our interactive seating plan creator. That way, there’s no war before the event and you don’t have to be the bouncer to stop the ‘seat fight’.

Event Marketing

As an expert event manager, you’d definitely agree that marketing can change the entire ticket selling websites game. Event marketing as a feature can help you easily promote your event on different social media sites and help you reach out to a wider audience. 

We at Yapsody incorporated this golden feature in our event software management software so you don’t have to approach any event marketing agency to do the job for you. All you need to do is create your event and you can directly promote it on multiple popular social media profiles. Alternatively, once you’re with Yapsody, we promote your events for free. This is how we do it: We

Ticket Customization

It’s the holiday season, you’ll have themed parties, Halloween nights or Christmas dinner. With the ticket customization feature, you can set yourself apart. With this feature, you can create themed tickets depending on your event theme. For example, you’re organizing an event this Halloween. Your theme is witches and wizards. You can design your ticket with a smoky cauldron and a witch on the broom flying to the village. Add the event details and your ticket is ready. 

Our event management software offers the  ‘Ticket Customization’ feature so you can customize and create your own branded ticket with the theme you’ve planned for the event.

Accept Donations 

One of the best features a top event management software must-have is the ‘Accept Donations’ feature. While this may not be applicable to all event managers, nonprofit organizations are sure to fall in love with it. 

Our event management software lets you add the accept donation feature on the online ticket store. When your attendees buy tickets for your charity or a fundraiser event, they get a direct option to donate for a cause with Yapsody’s donation feature. Not just that, Yapsody also contributes to your cause by giving you a special offer. Any event you organize, you get a 50% rebate on your event ticketing fees. Now that’s what an incredible offer looks like.

Ticket Validation System

Quick check-in and easy validation are every event manager’s dream. If you’ve been looking for a free event check-in software, we give you something much better than that. 

When you use our event management software, you get our custom-designed mobile apps for free. Our mobile app – YapScan helps you during the check-in process. You can easily scan each attendee’s ticket using your mobile phone and validate them in no time. That way, you can avoid long queues and angry attendees at the door.

Real-Time Reporting

While you spent sleepless nights planning that event, you’ll be restless till you see the numbers. Luckily, the real-time reporting feature is sure to revive you instantly and you don’t have to wait until the end of the event to measure the success. This event management tool works out to be every event manager’s favorite and their guiding star. At Yapsody, we offer you our custom-designed mobile app – YapStats absolutely FREE. This app offers you real-time statistics about your online ticket sales for the event directly on your Android/IOS device. With instant reports and real-time tracking, you can alter your sales strategy to boost ticket sales. 

Whoever came up with the quote ‘the best things in life don’t come free’, we proved them you wrong. For all those looking for a free event management software, we don’t charge a penny for using our software. When it comes to event ticketing, we already offer the best features at an incredibly low price. But if you’d like to make it absolutely free, you can opt for our ‘Pass on Fee’ Feature. With this ticketing feature, your ticketing fees are passed on to your attendees. So when the final invoice is generated, the ticketing fee you pay is already borne by your attendees, making event ticketing free for you. Are you planning an event soon? Sign up with Yapsody and use the best event management software for your next event. Don’t forget to use our holiday season offers. To avail a 25% off, use our promo code – HOLIDAY25.

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