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10 Halloween Themes To Host The Greatest Party Of All Time

10 Halloween Themes To Host The Greatest Party Of All Time

Halloween parties are all about creatively spooky yet fun ideas, gross-looking delicious food, and having a thriller of a time while scaring the devil out of them. If you’re looking for creative Halloween themes, look no further as you can throw an epic Halloween party and get those eyes poppin’ with these 10 themes to host a great party.

1. Zombie Party

This is a classic theme your guests would love to cosplay as. Here’s what you can do: 

Dress up as brain-seeking zombies, arrange party snacks like Zombie chocolate cookies, pumpkin rice crispies, watermelon brains, zombie ears, brains in a jar, zombie flesh cupcakes, and crunchy zombie eyes! Decorate your venue/party area with decorations like fake blood, fake eyeballs, and bloody hands to give your guests a real feel of “Walking Dead”.

Zombie Party Theme

2. Gothic Halloween Party

All things grey and black! Create that dark gothic ambiance with ravens in a cage, spiderwebs, white skulls, antique candelabrums, and portraits of scary ancestors. 

Cover up those portraits with lace to make it creepy. Choose from gothic Spotify playlists and light up the venue with candles to create an authentic spooky vibe. To make it more interesting, get your attendees to dress up as members of The Addams Family.

3. The Haunted House Party

Create a haunted house in one of those abandoned and secluded Airbnbs and organize a scavenger hunt inside the house with creepy characters hiding in corners that pop out to scare the hell out of you. 

Or you can skip the Airbnb and make a spooky graveyard right outside your house and hide candies around dead and dry flowers. Let your guests find these cookies as a part of your scavenger hunt.

Haunted House Party

4. Scooby-Doo Theme

Halloween without Scooby-Doo and the gang is never any fun. You can create a Mystery Machine using cardboard and use it as a photo booth. 

Have your guests dressed up as Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma, and maybe your pet dog can be the bonafide Scooby-Doo. Add spice to your party with some Scooby snacks that your guests can munch on. Organize mystery games to find candies hidden in secret spots to make your party nostalgic yet fun. Here are a few Not So Spooky Halloween Party Ideas For Kids.

5. Halloween Garden Party

There’s a lot you can do when you’re planning a Halloween Garden Party outdoors. From flying ghosts, bloody footprints to pumpkin bonfires and glowing eyes in the bushes, you can spring out a whole lot of crazy ideas without having to shell out our entire bank. 

Get more ideas from our blog – 10 Budget-Friendly Halloween Ideas For Event Presenters.

6. Halloween Movie Night

Invite your guests over for a Halloween movie night and think of the scariest movie that will make your Halloween movie night full of jumps and scares.  

Consider classics like Friday the 13th, The Ring, The Conjuring Series, Nightmare on Elm Street Series, Walking Dead, and so on. Have your attendees write their choices on a piece of paper, mix them up in a bowl and pick one. You can play pranks that’ll make your blood run cold in a minute while your guests’ eyes are focused on the movie.

Witches Night Theme

7. The Witches Night

Go for witchcraft-themed decors like black cats, a cauldron with dry ice and lights to create the fake smoke effect, ouija boards, and a fake witch’s book full of spells. 

Keep a corner reserved for the broom and hats your guests might bring. For dinner, you can serve your guests ‘Witches-Hair pasta’ made of squid ink oil and a lot of garlic, witch fingers, jello worms, and cheesy chicken stuffed skulls. Use witch-faces stirrers in your cocktails. For desserts, simply serve the favorite – the devilish chocolate cupcakes with a witch’s black hat topping.

8. Murder Mystery

Host a Halloween murder-mystery party. Create a background story about the murder and let your guests get into character. 

Organize mysterious games with hints about who the murderer could be by creating a thrilling environment with bizarrely lit dense fog and a dark silhouette. To make it interesting, give away prizes to everyone who is able to solve each clue.

9. Harry Potter Party

Invite your guests with a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter sealed with a DIY stamp on it. Let them know in the letter the house they’ve been assigned to – Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Slytherin. Use our Email Marketing Integration to make it a formal invitation of sorts. 

Hang the house banners and organize fun games based on them. If you scored an A in crafts, you can also create sorting hats for your guests. Have you invited kids? Entertain them by hosting kid-friendly games like tabletop quidditch and wand-making competitions.

10. Vampire Halloween Party

For those of you who want to become vampires this Halloween, this party idea is just for you. Choose colors like black, red, and dark purple to go with the theme. Spruce up the decor with bats made of cardboard, fake teeth, coffins, and a whole lot of fake blood. For lighting, use candles. Offer your guests coffin cake, vampire floats, and bloody mary to delight your Twilight fans.

There you have it, our top 10 Halloween themes to help plan and host the greatest party of all time this holiday season. An event presenter’s worst nightmare can be never-ending queues, exorbitant ticketing fees, unresponsive customer care, empty seats, event day confusion, and many more. 

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