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For event presenters organizing events in the hospitality and entertainment space, listing events on your Wix website and selling tickets becomes easier with our Yapsody Events Calendar. On clicking the event from your calendar, ticket buyers will be redirected to the event page from where they could purchase tickets.

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4. Enter Website Address

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Frequently Asked Question

Here’s how you can integrate our Events Calendar Plugin on Wix

  1. Start by downloading our calendar plugin to install it.
  2. Edit your website elements from the frontend. 
  3. Drag and drop the “Embed a site” element on your screen area.
  4. Fetch your event venue’s data by entering website URL.

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Here’s how you can integrate our Events Calendar Plugin on WordPress

  1. Search for our plugin on WordPress to install it.
  2. Click on activate plugin link
  3. Configure your plugin settings after activating it. 
  4. On clicking the event, your ticket buyer will be redirected to the actual event page of the venue from where they could purchase tickets.

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Steps to optimize your events for Google searches

  1. Go to the Event Setup Wizard by creating a new event or editing an existing event and select the ‘Marketing‘ tab.
  2. Select the ‘SEO‘ option under the Marketing tab to configure the SEO for your event page.
  3. Details on what Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords are can be found on SEO sub-tab in the Event Setup Wizard. 
  4. As you enter custom content into the text boxes, notice how your event listing changes in the search engine preview at the top of the screen.
  5. This preview will give you a good idea of how your event will appear in live Google search results.

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Steps to set up widgets for your website and social media platforms

  1. Choose an event from your dashboard for which you wish to create widgets
  2. Your event summary will be displayed to you with different tabs. Select “Marketing” where you’ll find 2 options to share your event.
  3. You can share your event details using the Text Link feature to share your Event details on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  4. Click on “Generate Code”. You will get an auto-generated code that can be shared via social networks.
  5. You can also share your event on your website using the Button Widget. Generate a source code which can easily be integrated into your website with a buy button.

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There are a lot of great reasons to use Yapsody.

  • Foreign Language

    Interact and connect effectively with your attendee by presenting your online ticket store and fundraising event in local languages.

  • Calendar list view for events

    You can view the list of events in a calendar view if you have more than 3 performances for a particular event.

  • Shopping Cart

    Yapsody's one-stop shopping cart allows your customers to add multiple events to their carts until they are ready to Check Out so customers can purchase multiple items in a single transaction.

  • Account history

    Your customers can view the entire history of all their past transactions that they have made.

  • Presenter Logo

    Upload your company logo in the header to brand your Online Ticket Store. If you do not have a logo, you also have the option to customize your header with text.

  • Customized Online Ticket Store URL

    Every presenter can have their own customized URL for their Online ticket store for e.g.

  • Customized FAQ's

    Create your customized FAQ's section to clear your customers doubts regarding the event.

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  • Calendar view on BoxOffice

    View all your events for a particular month at one glance with the help of the calendar view at the home of your box-office.

  • Assign user permissions

    Presenter can assign unique permissions for each users to scan apps or view reports.

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  • Social media

    Broadcast your events on various social media platforms and increase your event visibility through our social media integration tool.

  • MailChimp

    Quickly import your customer list into your Mailchimp contact list with our MailChimp integration tool.

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Attract your customers and make your fair and festival successful by adding our different type of discounts such as early purchase discounts, Group discounts and promo codes.

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You can add surcharges and taxes to your ticket face value to cover the costs involved in running your event and also to imply to the legal government policies.

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You can add surcharges and taxes to your ticket face value to cover the costs involved in running your event and also to imply to the legal government policies.

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Entry to your event with no strings attached. Let your attendees choose where they would like to be seated or standing at your event. The General Admission ticket gives your attendee the ultimate flexibility to move around within the venue of the event. The best seats in the house go on a first come first serve basis. No reservations.

Sell tickets from your virtual or premise box office system and let your attendees can purchase tickets online from the same inventory. This allows you to combine all your sales channels and prevent any kind of double booking whatsoever.

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  • Sponsored ads

    Yapsody understand the importance of sponsors for you, and because of that, we offer presenters a designated space on each e-Ticket for displaying sponsors ads of their choice.

  • Upcoming events

    Yapsody gives you an opportunity to advertise upcoming events on your own Yapsody e-Tickets.

  • Logo

    Display the company logo on the header of the e-Ticket to increase your branding.

  • Customized TC

    Display specific event related important messages and conditions on your e-Ticket.

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  • Yapsody YapScan

    Use your android phones and iOS devices to scan your customers event tickets.

  • Yapsody YapStats

    Yapsody YapStats App provides you a flexible and comfortable way to track your ticket sales report, daily sales report, revenue you earned and many more.

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  • Currency

    Providing the ability to sell event tickets in local currencies is one of the many ways we strive to support event presenters around the globe. Click here to check the list of currencies we are support.

  • Language

    Yapsody has been localizing online ticket store for international markets by allowing them to show their online ticket store in their local language

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With Yapsody's donation feature, allow your customers to donate money to your cause directly through your online ticket store and through your box-office

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Yapsody provides its presenters to give multiple ticket delivery options like, Email, Print and Will Call / Pick Up to their customers and also the flexibility to choose from multiple payment methods

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Multiple ticket types? Take control of your tickets with our inventory management feature. Manage your tickets and reserve tickets for your special guests. Sell tickets online and keep a close tab on your inventory with our robust inventory management system.

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Manage and sell tickets with our Reserved Seating Wizard. Create your own seating map and customize it!

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