Your Guide To Social Media Video Marketing

Your Guide To Social Media Video Marketing

Video marketing has become every social media marketer’s chosen content format. With just one good video propagated through multiple channels, the engagement levels have the potential to skyrocket your brand into stardom.

Before you hop on to the video marketing bandwagon, consult with our digital marketing specialists to get a pinpointed strategy on which platform would be highly suited to promote your brand USPs considering the target audience and their choice. Our SMO, SMM, and Branding services are designed to work like a fine-tuned machinery to make your video marketing a total success. 

Why Do You Need To Consider Social Media Video Marketing?

Apart from being a pillar to your branded storytelling, video marketing is relatively cost-efficient if compared to other forms of digital marketing such as PPC campaigns. Just a single piece of video storyboard can branch out into distinct formats across platforms and yield you the much-needed engagements and conversions through mobile and desktop.

Looking to hop on the exponential online engagement wagon? Read through and choose your desired platform for social media video marketing. 

Here’s Your Guide To Social Media Video Marketing: 

1. Facebook

Video is the way ahead when it comes to lead your Facebook strategy in 2021. Facebook being the granddaddy of them all has a plethora of video formats to experiment with. There is hardly any brand out there that is not pushing out video content on Facebook.

Now, when you’re trying to create and publish video content for Facebook, think about the emotion or reaction that you wish to garner. Your video sharability is highly improved due to Facebook’s functionality of letting brands integrate cross-platform promotions through Instagram and WhatsApp along with incredible opportunities for video advertising at a granular level.

Pro-tip: The tone of your Facebook needs to be hilarious or relatable thereby compelling audiences to hit the share button.  

2. YouTube

The one and only, YouTube has surely evolved to keep up with the times from being a video-sharing tube to being a community-driven video sharing and discussion platform. To date, it remains to be the largest video search engine in the world. 

YouTube comes in second place after Facebook with 2291 million active users as far as the most famous social media platforms go so it should every brand’s constant endeavor to improve their YouTube engagement.  

Although this video giant has been the platform of choice of niche influencers and vloggers, slowly and steadily many brands are finding their calling on this platform. YouTube algorithms are pretty straightforward and the idea of brand presence is simple – to improve discoverability. 

A few quick tips to get you started: 

  • Optimize your video titles & descriptions 
  • Design enticing thumbnails
  • Segregate your videos into dedicated playlists for easy discoverability

3. Instagram 

The crowd favorite and the hottest platform for every social media marketer out there, Instagram takes the cake when it comes to innovating creative formats for mobile video marketing. 

From stories, highlights, live streams, IGTV, reels, the possibilities of unleashing your brand creativity is endless. 

Instagram interface and functionalities also double up as an online store for many brands which lets them directly list or tag their products or services on their posts, videos, and stories. 

According to Sprout Social’s social media demography 2021, there are 1 billion active Instagram users with the largest age group falling between 25-34. This age group believes in snappy, creative, snippet videos that convey emotions in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Learn how you can Optimize Your Brand On Instagram Better

4. Twitter

Not far off in the innovative circle of social media video marketing, Twitter is all about real-time engagement. Whether it’s a simple Twitter Poll, thread, or Fleets, our best practices for amplifying your engagement will get you through. 

A few quick tips to keep in mind when for Twitter videos: 

  • Create videos for your target audience
  • Keep your videos short and to the point
  • Maintain a steady balance of people & products 
  • Use brand logos, typography, and themes throughout
  • Your Tweet post copy should complement your video content. 

Finally, you have a go-to guide to help you navigate your social media video marketing. If you haven’t been using videos in your marketing arsenal, it’s time to start throwing videos in the mix to create an impact on our overall business and marketing goals. 

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