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Using Different Types Of Email Newsletters For Marketing

Using Different Types Of Email Newsletters For Marketing

Email newsletters are a cost-efficient way for brands and industry professionals to drive traffic and connect with their customers or target audience in a creative fashion. Newsletters are nothing but a form of email marketing many marketers prefer to use to keep their subscribers engaged with informational, promotional, or entertaining content.

Although newsletters are decades old, the charm of it still remains if done right. With the right brand storytelling approach, you can use different types of newsletters that fit your brand approach and create a recurring cycle of engagement. 

Here Are The Different Types Of Email Newsletters For Marketing: 

1. Company Updates

Did your brand or team create an outstanding performance or won accolades? Creating a monthly newsletter of your company updates is a great way to keep your users, customers, and stakeholders in the loop.

It’s a great way to fill them in about your recent happenings through a newsletter that highlights: 

  • Favorable company press releases
  • A message from the CEO/Board of Directors
  • Award nominations and wins
  • Industry news & trends 
  • A company anniversary or milestone

2. Exclusive Sales & Discounts

With marketing automation speeding up processes for many marketing teams, it’s easier to send email drip campaigns. Those brands or services that resort to deals and discounts can draft a monthly or weekly newsletter that only showcases exclusive discounts and deals. 

The frequency of these could be once in three months or once a month depending on your business needs and the need of your subscribers. Based on what your business offers, it could also be a newsletter that offers a trial subscription or an upgraded tier plan to leads that may have halted on the path to conversion. 

3. FAQs With Answers 

Product updates, demos, and walkthroughs are great when copy and design are kept in a steady balance. However, a straight-cut newsletter with handy FAQs and their precise answers can go a long way in solving queries and doubts in the mind of your user. A customer service case and resolution is also a great way of showcasing a live example. 

It will also save a lot of time on your customer support lines with self-help newsletters like these being delivered to your subscribers during the sign-up and onboarding phase. 

4. A Behind The Scenes Of Your Company

No one loves a boring corporate brand that just keeps dishing out content on everything business, business, and business! Newsletters are a great way to creatively communicate the human factor of your workforce.

You can use this form of a newsletter by: 

  • Showcasing your team members
  • Behind the scenes look at your recent campaigns
  • Introducing new hires 
  • Team interviews
  • Team offsite videos 

5. Showcase User Testimonials

Word of mouth still remains the reigning champ of marketing. Through user testimonials and reviews, audiences interested in your product, service offering, or expertise can take one step ahead in the adoption process without any hesitation. Showcasing your new testimonials on your website and through your newsletter is a smart way of garnering user trust and loyalty. 

6. A Round-Up Of Your Best Content-Pieces

Content marketing amplifies your brand’s digital presence exponentially when done the right way. This newsletter is pretty straightforward and could be scheduled to go out on a weekly basis. 

Your round-up newsletters could consist of: 

  • A round-up of your most popular monthly blogs, videos, or social media posts
  • An infographic that is highly visual and informative
  • A guest post you may have written for another brand website or blog
  • Statistics and trending topics in your area of business 
  • A survey or poll that gathers information.

7. Nurture Leads & Retain Current Customers

Although newsletters are purely for informational purposes, you can retain the email content to be 90% education and 10% promotional. When done in a subtle manner, it can help you nurture potential leads who might’ve fallen off from your conversion funnel and also retain the current batch of customers through an exclusive discount. 

Before placing your newsletter CTA’s, do ensure that your website and landing pages are strategically designed for higher conversion rates. Learn more about our CRO services that will help take your prospects on a seamless process of converting them into lifelong customers. 

8. Upcoming Events & Webinars

Upcoming events and webinars can be your weekly or monthly newsletter that can be automated based on the lineup of branded events happening. Newsletters are a good barometer for testing the interest levels of your subscribers in attending one. Here’s how you can Learn To Select The Right Day To Send Email Newsletters to your prospects. 

We hope these email newsletter ideas help you enhance your email marketing strategy and create value for your prospective audiences. Make sure to keep the content fresh and relevant and the rest shall fall into place. 

For more such insights and tips, make sure to read more on our marketing blog.

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