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Triggering Brand Engagement On Your Social Media Platforms

Triggering Brand Engagement On Your Social Media Platforms

Keeping your audiences engaged can be a tough nut to crack with online engagement at an all-time high. However, in times of full-blown online engagement from both brands and their consumers, it’s imperative to have your social media triggers handy. 

Social media engagement is one of the more sought-after metrics in the digital marketing landscape whether it’s meant to increase your followers, garner loyalty & retention, improve sales, or just create a cycle of consumer engagement. As a product or service, our trigger techniques will help you get the best out of your social media. 

Here’s How You Can Trigger Brand Engagement Through Social Media

  • Ask And You Shall Receive

Engagement, simply put is two-way communication. If you’re scheduling your social media posts with zero intent to strike a conversation in the comments sections, you’re missing out big time. Asking relevant open-ended questions will prompt your followers to get involved and hence create that first layer of conversation. Launching a new product? Ask them to guess. Planning a giveaway? Ask them the prize they’re expecting to build up the buzz. 

As a brand, you need to keep the ball rolling from time to time by asking timely yet relevant conversational questions to trigger your social media engagement. 

  • Create Polls & Surveys

Your existing social media engagement plans might be lacking due to the ever-evolving nature of platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Being one of the hot favorites for creating engaging content, Twitter polls and surveys are trigger-friendly engagement formats that many brands are latching onto. Instead of typing a comment or Tweet, your followers just need to tap on your poll option which makes the data-gathering an easy task. 

Learn how you can create and engage through industry-relevant discussions using Twitter polls.

  • Pay Attention & Listen

Never post something just for the sake of sharing or adhering to your social media calendar. Social listening is a virtue that brands should abide by, now, more than ever.

Use a social listening or marketing automation tool to speed up your social listening processes wherein you can chime into relevant, conversations, identify market trends, analyze follower sentiment, and only then go about creating an impactful social media post. 

  • Use Your Brand Trigger Terms

Social media triggers are more often trigger words that compel your followers to think, get inspired, share thoughts, and take action. 


“Offer Valid Till Midnight”

“Limited Stocks Only”

“First Come First Serve”

are some of the trigger words that can double up as a CTA and create a brand recall. 

When you use your brand-specific trigger terms, it builds a recall amongst your followers that something big is on the way, thereby grabbing their attention even more. 

  • Stir Up Some Emotions

Creating content that is relatable is a statement that has become stale with overuse. But if you’re a brand trying to garner legitimate reactions, think about stirring their emotions. 

Is your social media post inspiring, heart-wrenching, breathtaking, educational, or simply relatable & shareworthy? If yes, then your engagement is surely going to skyrocket if done right with your brand tonality kept in mind. The key is to know your audience and create precise marketing personas that can be targeted accordingly on all platforms. 

Although driving an emotional response from people triggers social engagement, make sure you’re not stirring up controversy by touching on sensitive topics without complete knowledge. 

  • Leverage User-Generated Content

Increasing your engagement involves your brand being social. Respond to their comments, react a laughing emoji or heart on their comments,  or simply share the post where they’ve tagged you.

Using community forums and social media groups is one way of letting user-generating content and conversations take shape. This way you can create a continuous cycle of engagement by letting your brand users become your brand advocates and influencers. 

Asking valuable and intriguing questions that make your group members, think, introspect, and genuinely ask more follow-up questions is a great way to keep your audience engaged through user-generated content

To sum it all up, as a social media marketer, you’ll have to weigh in on your brand’s online presence to identify your social media triggers and make the work for the better.  Social media engagement is at an all-time high with endless possibilities present for every brand and professional out there. 

Need more online visibility to increase your brand presence in the digital landscape but can’t figure out where to begin? Our digital marketing services will help you cut through the clutter. 

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