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Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2021

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2021

Social media marketing witnessed a swift transformation in 2020 and continues to keep up with the times. The healthcare industry should invest in social media for actively listening, empathizing, and providing quick resolutions. 

This can be deemed as one of the hallmarks of a great health care system working with social media as a crux in 2020 – 2021. As a product or service, there are social media trends that can further influence your overall marketing strategy in 2021. 

Here Are The Top 6 Social Media Trends For 2021:

  • Stories Will Reign

Instagram crossed the 1 billion global users when 2020 was coming to a close. Whether you’ve just started building your brand base or optimizing for better engagement, the Stories engagement format on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn will do wonders for brand growth through visual communication.

  • Authenticity Counts

With data laws and privacy policies being reformed to keep clarity and truth at the center of everything social media-related, brands will be expected to do the same. Your users are expecting you to be honest about your offerings so it’s your duty to use the platform to set the expectations straight.

Authenticity builds trust and that trust builds a stronger relationship between you and your consumers. 91% of consumers are willing to purchase or invest in an authentic brand that keeps its real on social media

  • Give Your Audience A Stage

With Twitter Polls & Fleets, Instagram polls & quizzes, you can engage your audiences better in real-time. Conducting surveys through Twitter polls or quizzes through Instagram quizzes will help you gain leverage on your audience reactions better as user-generated content is predicted to do wonders for your brand visibility and recall. 93% of marketers report that consumers trust user-generated content more than content created by brands

  • Social Listening Will Count

People like connecting with other people. Many frontline industries and businesses have strengthened their social media presence for social listening. For example, the healthcare industry would invest in social media for: 

  • Real-time query gathering and resolutions
  • Raising awareness through knowledge articles
  • Fighting misinformation
  • Gathering insights

Knowing where your social media followers gravitate towards and who influences them is a great barometer for switching up your social listening strategy tailored to your business offerings. 

  •  Live Streaming Rises

With the majority of live events taking the virtual route for hosting events in 2020, live streaming services have come out on top to provide a flawless experience. Social media itself functions as a live streaming platform for brands through formats such as LinkedIn Live, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live. 

Even after social restrictions are lifted worldwide, the trend for live streaming video conferences, seminars, behind the scenes, and virtual events will stay relevant. Schedule a discussion with us to learn which platform would be the best suited for your brand or service. 

  • Marketing Automation Will Lead

Suited for a B2C business model, social media CRM, and its automation can be a real blessing in 2021 for verticals such as food delivery, e-commerce, telecommunications, or even healthcare. Through the latest in social media CRM automation, you can identify, track, and engage with every single consumer or user of yours or simply let all your SMM campaigns run on autopilot. Online engagement being at an all-time high, marketing automation will pave the way.

Apart from posting and scheduling posts, you can also deploy social listening triggers that will create a real-time engagement cycle without any of your social media teams having to be stuck at their screens. You can deploy social listening triggers through tools such as Hubspot that can be integrated to monitor social interactions with contacts in your database, create custom keyword monitoring streams, and trigger email alerts. Learn how marketing automation can speed up your workflow and processes

Every brand of product or service is unique and diverse and their social media usage can be tailored accordingly. For starters, you can document your requirements and marketing goals before jumping on any social media trends. Once you have that sorted, you can align each and every social media trend from 2021 to enhance your business goals.

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