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Tips To Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Tips To Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand

Instagram Reels are proving to be quite a growth hack for many brands and social media content creators. While it’s pretty apparent that Reels has swooped into the short-form video format inspired by TikTok, with its new features and functionalities, it’s wise to leverage this short form of social media video marketing to the max through Instagram’s huge user base.

Instagram Reels offer a host of editing tools such as video speed controls, AR effects, and usage of multiple video clips for smoother transitions. You also get a dedicated Reels section on your profile similar to IGTV apart from being able to achieve outstanding visibility through these video snippets.  

Here Are Tips To Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand: 

1. For Brand Storytelling

Although Reels has been a hot favorite among individual or freelance content creators online, a few brands can be witnessed trying their hand at brand storytelling. As a brand or an industry expert, it’s expected of you to highlight all those great and not-so-good moments that make up your brand persona. Bring that real side of your brand into the Reels and see your Instagram engagement take off like never before. Each brand is unique, making storytelling through Reels a cost-effective approach to hook your audiences and drive rapid engagement. 

2. Behind The Scenes Snippets

Be it food reviews, tech reviews, car reviews, or even a nature trail video, everyone loves a good sneak into the effort and hard work that goes into making such visually appealing Instagram content. 

So, if you’re using Insta stories, live streams, or IGTV to publish your long-form content, Reels can be like your behind-the-scenes or blooper reel to keep your content light and funny. 

3. Product & Service Showcase

Reels are brilliant video formats to showcase your new products or service line in an entertaining manner on Instagram. Even if you’re a new business or professional in the market, you can use it as an opportunity to introduce your professional services or your new products for quick engagement online. 

4. Share The How-To Process

Small business owners or home-based businesses have been on the rise due to the adoption of locally sourced or operational products and services. Be it home renovations, recipes, hairstyles, or home-grown fruits and vegetables, everyone wants to learn valuable information for self-improvement. 

Pro-Tip: Share the how-to process in quick-byte-sized snippets through Reels and maybe lead them on to the entire process on your YouTube channel. This way you can actually monetize through your teachings. 

Similarly, if you have an evergreen YouTube video, see how you can condense it down to an Instagram reel and create uniformity across all your channels. Check out these 5 Quick Tips To Further Improve Your YouTube Engagement

5. Leverage A Trend

Social media trends come and they go. Reels have been known to be disruptive due to the nature of music trends or challenges that happen to come and go. As a brand or professional, you can instantly get more views and engagement just by leveraging a trending music snippet or challenge that fits your brand personality. 

Pro-Tip: Keeping an eye on trending songs that you can leverage and increase your reach potential. 

6. Answer FAQs

Educating and informing your audiences and users through Reels is a smart way of optimizing your brand on Instagram. Apart from your Reel’s video content, make use of your captions to give a bit of context to your Frequently Asked Questions video. Sometimes, you don’t even need to speak but rather create a text listicle that you can just place over your video.

If you’re planning to host or organize events in the upcoming months, here’s a handy list of Event FAQs That Will Help Solve Queries

7. Compel To Share 

While being completely engrossed in the Reels sections, swiping, give your followers something so catchy, funny, quirky, or informative that they feel compelled to share it on their DM.

More than ever, social media marketing has been considered to be a means to an end. However, between creating Instagram reels and building meaningful customer relationships through social media, many brands are resorting to a bigger opportunity.

The opportunity to bring a little bit of cheer and laughter through social media. Keeping it simple and straightforward, you can easily find a steady balance between brand storytelling and an occasional sprinkle of LOLs from time to time.

If you’re someone who is looking for a pinpointed communication strategy for your business or area of expertise, our social media experts are looking to hear from you. Contact us with your queries and we’d be more than happy to help you growth hack your way through Instagram.

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