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Keeping Your Audience Engaged Through Community Forums

Keeping Your Audience Engaged Through Community Forums

If you’re in that business that specializes in garnering audience reactions, reviews, or engagement of any manner, community forums are your best bet. Audience engagement is increasingly becoming competitive just by the sheer presence of many competitors in every line of product and service offering. To keep your audiences engaged, community forums can help you go the extra mile. 

Here’s How You Can Keep Audiences Engaged Through Community Forums:

  • Choose Targeted Groups 

You cannot just randomly start conversations in random groups. Engage with the right messaging at the right time on the right platform and only then can you expect to keep your relevant audience truly engaged. If you’re a B2B logistics platform trying to strike a conversation in a B2C delivery platform, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  • Encourage & Interact

Whether you prefer Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups, or LinkedIn groups, encouraging the freedom to express and interact should be at the core of your community forums. 

Audience engagement might not necessarily go in the exact direction you want to which is why you need to elect moderators or admins who can steer the conversation in the right direction through cues, triggers, and feedback. 

  • Don’t Spam and Upsell

Online impression management is a full-time activity but don’t make the mistake of resorting to subtle plugs and upselling tactics. Standing out from the crowd involves perception management through audience engagement tactics that deliver your brand purpose consistency with emotional impact. 

Spamming your community groups, no matter how smartly you think you’re doing it, is frowned upon. 

  • Ask Questions That Matter

The biggest success metric for your community forum engagement is the number of comments and likes that underneath your post. Asking valuable and intriguing questions that make your group members, think, introspect, and genuinely ask more follow-up questions is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Learn more about squeezing more engagement through Twitter polls. 

  • Create Guides and Onboarding Videos

Community forums are highly interactive, quick, real-time platforms. YouTube videos that function as a guide or onboarding material can help create an interactive way to connect with your community members. In a comparison against text vs video, the video will always be the crystal clear winner to convey a point. Learn more about leveraging YouTube for engaging audiences

  • Be Regular 

There is a fine line between being regular being reported as a spam bot. Draw up a weekly calendar based on the optimized times that your audience likes to engage in your dedicated group. If you engage through webinars or podcasts, you may want to dedicate the weekends for more engagements. Ask questions and create follow-up surveys and discussions for those webinars and podcasts. 

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