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How Does CRO Enhance Your Website Experience?

How Does CRO Enhance Your Website Experience?

Your brand website is a 24/7 online real estate for branding, advertising your USP, sharing information, and generating revenue for your business. How well you design and decorate your real estate does not ensure how functional it might be. 

This is why you need to have under the hood elements that work in tandem with your exteriors for that full-blown effectiveness. This is where CRO comes into play to help you enhance your website experience. Conversation Rate Optimization can help reduce the total cost of business while converting existing and new website visitors into customers thereby optimizing your revenue. 

Here’s How CRO Can Enhance Your Website Experience:

  • Identify UX Issues

You can’t fix a website unless you know what’s wrong with it. UX influences the entire flow of your website so if your brand is functioning through a poorly designed structure, it can have adverse effects on your lead generation funnel.

A UX audit should be the starting point where your website content and design are then optimized to take your users on a seamless journey and convert them into potential leads. This is where you make the most out of Google Analytics to identify broken links and fix your navigation issues. 

  • Identify Engagement Pockets

Once you’ve figured out the website hotspots where even some sort of engagement exists, you will have to make it even better. User-friendly websites that feel more human and emotive score brownie points when it comes to enhancing your website journey. 

Your users and clients would want to check out what others have to say about your brand. Having a website that is optimized to display those success metrics dynamically is a big win for you and your lead generation funnel. Client testimonials, offer pages, and pricing pages are ideally the engagement hotspots for many brand websites.

  • Chat-bot Based Nudges

Conversational chatbots can be beneficial if your business is hard to comprehend just by visiting your homepage. Usually, a SaaS-based brand would make use of it to give a demo of sorts. 

Live Chat and smart chat triggers placed on your website can convert 30-40% of online sales that are usually lost at the shopping cart stage. It guides visitors along the sales process, resolves issues, and answers any queries they may have in real-time.

Live web chat which offers strategic sales by upselling and cross-selling through discounts, bundle deals, and subscriptions. 

  • A/b Testing Is Your Best Friend

Once you’ve made your content crisp and tweaked those design flaws, it’ time to put them to the test. A/b testing can help you create a valid case study to support your thought process as to why you changed a few elements on your homepage or perhaps got rid of that good-for-nothing banner.

Through A/b testing, you can justify which changes improved your conversions and click-through rates thereby getting one step closer to a friendlier website experience.

  • Facilitate Journey Mapping

Mapping your customer’s journey on your website from start to finish will help you create behavioral personas and help you understand peculiar patterns in their behavior while making a purchase. Once you’ve ended up studying their moves on your website, you can predict their actions better and further optimize your website journey better.

With a well-designed CRO campaign, your customer experience becomes smoother leading to easier conversions. Also, websites that are optimized to improve your conversion rates will boost your SEO efforts and increase your customer lifetime value.

How do we help your brand website achieve this? 

To reduce your CPA, we use CRO techniques such as heatmaps, A/b testing, content optimization, and reduced to only required form fields along with landing page techniques such as:

  • Screen Recording Technology
  • Visitor Heatmaps
  • Cursor Visualization
  • Visitor Attention Scanners

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