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How Do SEO & SMO Help Your Business & Conversion Funnel?

How Do SEO & SMO Help Your Business & Conversion Funnel?

Online marketing for brands all over the globe has evolved over time to constantly adapt to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines and social media platforms. If you’re into digital marketing, you might be aware of terms such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) and how they substantially alter your brand visibility in the online landscape. 

However, for the uninitiated, these key digital marketing elements might confuse them and what exactly they entail. To help them out, we’ve created a handy guide to clear those doubts and also help you. 

Here’s How SEO and SMO Help Your Business Visibility & Conversion:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization involves a collective arsenal of tried and tested techniques that help your brand website rank higher on search engines. It’s a crucial element of your overall digital marketing strategy which improves your website rankings and eventually increases your lead generation possibilities.

How does Yapsody help you transition or implement SEO for your business?

SEO has existed ever since search engines have existed and involve tried and tested techniques for improving your brand’s website visibility. Having worked with a plethora of products and services for their marketing, we’ve adopted tried and tested techniques to implement or transition your SEO effectively.  

Our SEO services involve detailed website analysis, backlink audit, UX evaluation, and personalized SEO strategy and roadmap for your brand to reach your business goals. Through keyword research and planning targeted on your website or landing pages, we help you attract the right audience. In order to rank higher on search results, your website content and a copy have to be crafted with care. Apart from crafting compelling copy, we also optimize your website to convert your leads into customers

What kind of value can I see through SEO? 

If your website is slow, hard to navigate, or unresponsive, chances are that it will not be picked up for good rankings. Through corrective landing page optimization techniques, we improve your SEO and nurture potential leads through a data-led user journey. 

Google’s ranking algorithm decides that useful content or resources should always be on top of SERPs. Apart from improving your website’s SEO issues, frequent monitoring is done throughout the campaign to make your brand’s targeted keywords rank better and improve the long-term organic traffic of the website.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

SMO is the cost-free and organic process of optimizing your social media elements such as hashtags, outbound links, bio, about us section, offer links, and website links which increases your visibility brings quality traffic to your website, and improves the lead generation possibilities.

How does Yapsody help you transition or implement SMO for your business?

Optimizing your social media pages improves your brand credibility in the digital landscape by engaging with the target audience. Through a dedicated suite of SMO services such as Audit & Benchmarking, SMO Strategy, Targeted Group Sharing, and Performance Analysis, we improve your brand credibility in the social media landscape by engaging with the target audience and improving your sales & lead generation funnel.

What kind of value can I see through SMO? 

Something that has been oversaid in the last decade still remains relevant while creating relatable yet evergreen content. Your audiences want to see content that they can relate to and share among their network. We improve your shareability factor by creating and posting content in a manner that is highly appealing to your audience. 

So that blog or infographic that you posted on social media got noticed and is garnering a lot of attention through likes, comments, and shares. By engaging at such moments, we start a conversation and gain their trust to help you build your business evolve into a legitimate consumer-facing brand. Our SMO techniques are for those products and services that wish to leverage and unleash the power of their social media marketing channels.

To sum it up, SEO increases your business visibility, whereas SMO markets your business through social media.

Though the differences remain between SEO and SMO, the priority for both is to drive quality traffic and leads to your website and improve your sales funnel over a period of time. Please contact us to learn how our SEO & SMO experts can draw out a roadmap for your brand and skyrocket your business.


  • e_ftn says:

    Great Article! Very thorough and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the examples you gave to illustrate, especially the one on the Oreo. SEO and SMO, their relationship, and how they influence each other can be difficult to comprehend but your article was very well explained. Thank you for this very complete post on the subject. I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information, keep updating, looking forward to more posts.
    I myself wrote a post on SEO and more precisely on how to use social networks which, despite the fact that they are not an official SEO factor, can be used to improve SEO. I think it is very complementary to your post.

    • Siddharth Das says:

      I’m glad to know that you found it useful. SEO and SMO work together to spearhead your digital marketing efforts.
      And we shall definitely keep publishing such insightful blogs, so stay tuned to our Marketing blog for more!

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