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Enhancing Your Facebook Advertising Strategy In 2021

Enhancing Your Facebook Advertising Strategy In 2021

Facebook Ads and Facebook Ad targeting are at an all-time high thanks to the pandemic. One of the better things to come out of the 2020 hibernation was brand quickly adopting the paid advertising or SEM form of marketing. Facebook being the top choice of brands and consumers alike, it’s no surprise that 2021 would follow suit.

The era of organic reach on Facebook is slowly disappearing due to their constant change of algorithms. Most specifically, the way posts appear on the feed. This is why you constantly need to keep track of the evolving trends and factors that will help you enhance your Facebook ad strategy.

Here’s How You Can Enhance Your Facebook Advertising Strategy in 2021:

  • Adapt To The Uncertainty

The pandemic has left a lasting impact on the global economy which can still be seen in 2021. Ad specialists and marketers, in general, will have to adapt to this uncertainty and create ad spend strategies that are cost-effective to their brand. However, with online engagement at an all-time high, people are flocking to their social media often. Facebook is one of the premier faces of social media, online advertising specialists will have to direct their ads here. 

  • Mobile Spends May Fluctuate 

With the uncertainty of COVID still looming, digital marketing spends and ads might increase or decrease depending on how well their particular vertical or brand is performing in the current economic climate. 

  • Acquaint Yourself With The Latest Formats

A few years ago video was touted to be all the rage across all the platforms. However, the present testament to that moment is that video has definitely taken over Facebook. To keep it interesting, Facebook advertisers can try out carousels, short video snippets, animated shorts, or longer stories that can compel viewers to take action. 

  • Videos Ads Are On The Rise 

Although it is advantageous to create ads through different formats, videos are the winning formula for many brands at the moment. Video ads don’t appear to be ads at all as it is embedded in the normal stream of videos for great user experience. Creating video ads has also become quite flexible for marketers through Facebook’s ever-evolving ad platform. 

  • Keep Track Of Changing Ad Policies

The pandemic brought out many cracks in the system, one of them being the privacy policies of many social media giants. With fake news about COVID and political scenarios being peddled in the open, it was a time to make sure only the fact-checked stats stood out. With social activism and data laws taking center stage, Facebook has changed a lot of its policies and continues to do so in phases. Keeping track of changing ad policies helps you avoid any public backlash. 

Now that you’re aware of trends and factors that may dictate your Facebook advertising strategy, you might be on the lookout for ad specialists who can increase your website traffic by using paid ads to increase brand visibility on search engines. 

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