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Creative Branding Trends & Tips To Incorporate In 2021

Creative Branding Trends & Tips To Incorporate In 2021

Branding is that niche and creative aspect of digital marketing that helps businesses establish their USP and persona through strategic online and offline communication platforms most preferred by their audiences. Every year there are new trends on the rise or few old school designs making a comeback in a newly packaged format. Similarly, “New Year, New Me” is not only relevant for people making resolutions at the turn of the year but also for brands looking to reinvent their public image and refresh how they’re being perceived.

When it comes to branding or re-branding, adaptability is key to staying relevant through the ages without losing sight of your vision. 2020 taught us how brands need to stay agile and broaden their scope of communication to truly strike a chord with their target audience. Come 2021, there are few creative trends that brands need to be keen off and try to incorporate in their communications and business strategy. 

Here Are A Few Branding Trends & Tips For 2021:

1. Prepare For Uncertainty

Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to propagating your brand voice and communication. This is why one of the crucial tips for branding your logos or preparing a brand deck is to prepare for an uncertain reaction or backlash. Uncertainty can also relate to a sudden change in your industry or economy which renders your brand to change directions. 

2. Personify Your Brand

An evergreen tip that continues to remain a trend even in 2021. Branding experts swear by this tip. If you’re into personal branding, you’ve already accomplished the difficult part of brand personification through a neat headshot and backdrop image on social media. However, when it comes to personifying a product or service, you’ll have to invest in a long-term strategy of establishing a distinguished persona.

Your brand could be a food-delivery app based on which you can decide your brand communication be snappy, trustworthy, and topical. As a health & wellness brand, you may choose to go for soothing color schemes such as blue, green, white that exude qualities of relaxation, healing, and peacefulness. 

3. Be Authentic & Purpose-Driven

No one likes a game of smoke and mirrors. Even if your brand is small or belongs to a niche market, avoid making loud noises just for the sake of standing out. Stick to your brand’s purpose and be authentic at all times. In a time where delinquency is at an all-time high, being truthful improves your brand value, loyalty, and recall. 

4. Think Green, Think Social 

As a brand, you need to be human-centered, now more than ever. With the global economy in shambles and climate change being a real threat to our existence, it’s a social responsibility for brands and big tech corporations to think green and think social. Cutting down practices that harm the environment and its residents is the first step to up your brand value in 2021.

5. Welcome To The Dark Side

Apart from looking elegant, it extends your battery life and makes your device screentime easier on the eyes. Dark mode entered our life through major tech giants such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google when they decided to provide a switch key for turning on/off dark mode much to their user’s delight. This was a turning point for brands all over the world to adapt their marketing and design collaterals to blend in with dark mode. Needless to say, adopting dark mode will be a major trend to keep track of when it comes to developing your brand marketing strategy.

Looking for a fresh start in 2021 or perhaps need a complete revamp of your brand strategy? 

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