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Content Vs Design: What Gets More Conversions?

Content Vs Design: What Gets More Conversions?

Long story short, both content and design work independently yet in a cohesive manner for improving your website conversions. If you look at this blog itself, you’ll notice the first fold of this page is complemented by the blog title and featured image to give you a glimpse into what you can expect from this piece of content. 

Although content and copy take precedence over the flow of design and illustrative elements, the dilemma of a happy marriage between content and design remains. 

In recent iterations of website conversion optimization trends, it is noted that visual communication through optimized UX designs and the smart placement of content & will dictate the user experience to convert successfully. Let’s find the perfect flow of content and design when it comes to conversion optimization.

What is the Role of Content & Design? 

Although Content and Design are meant to work in tandem for the unified effect, the role of content is to sell your brand message through the art of the written word whereas design is the visual arrangement of designs, logos, colors, and themes.

So, when it comes to Copy Vs Design: What Counts For Conversions?

It’s an equal opportunity and effort from your content and design team that will make your website stand out and work in unison. Although, it’s equally important to test, improve, and evolve your products’ message with the times and current market landscape. 

Good content or copy will dictate the size, tone, and direction of design elements, hence, making it the foundation of your conversion funnel stronger. 

So, as a brand, jotting down your overall brand messaging comes first so there is little margin of error when translating them through designs. 

1. A Standout Hero Text

A hero text is meant to reel in your audiences whether it’s a banner, landing page, pricing page, or feature page. A hero text and supporting content fold should arouse your visitors and provide valuable information.

Content Vs Design - A Standout Hero Text

The length of your hero text or headline does not matter or rather it’s subjective to your brand’s need for optimized SEO content. Crafting effective website content will help you be at the forefront of creating a lasting impression. 

2. Design That Breathes Life

Once your content specialists and copywriters have weaved their magic, it’s time for your Ui/Ux and Design team to breathe life into those words through spellbinding designs and illustrations. Choice of simple or striking visuals depends on what your brand communication guidelines are. Being loud or minimalistic just because you think it looks cool is not going to help those conversions

Think about your USP and how it ties into your audience personas. Maybe different website sections can evoke colors and themes to create a colorful layer of perception in your visitor’s mind. Our Website Design Tips should help you aim for higher conversions. 

3. Design & Copy Act In Unison

Brand storytelling is an acquired art that not many can pull off. It mainly involves your content and design working to create a flawless journey for the average website visitor. Mapping your user’s potential journey is the process of achieving the final goal of conversion. Apple can be considered to be one of the leading brands that deploy a perfect marriage of copy and design.

Content Vs Design - Design & Copy Act In Unison

Your web content and design should aim to create smooth flowing transitions from a search ad, emailer, or social media post. 

4. Test What Works For You

The website user interface is forever changing and evolving to match new touchpoints such as augmented reality, voice search, virtual reality, and environmental design. No matter which top trend you feel latching onto will bring conversions, it’s good to test out your content and design variations. 

That design and content variation that works well for your users would ideally be intuitive, concise, and on-brand. Our conversion optimization specialists deploy industry-grade techniques and design ideologies to create an enhanced conversion experience on your website

We use CRO techniques such as heatmaps, A/B testing, website content optimization, along with our expertise through:

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Website Branding & Illustrations
  • Branded Content & Copy 
  • Optimized Content Strategy
  • Video & Infographic Creation

Don’t have time to think of Design first or Content? Leave the thinking to us but make sure you don’t leave your website content & design as an afterthought. 

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