Building Customer Relationships Through Social Media

Building Customer Relationships Through Social Media

Relationship marketing is a crucial part of any business. No matter which marketing service or channels you might prefer, social media has pivoted into the crowd favorite for users and to connect with their choice of brands online. Combining social media and email marketing efforts is just an organic way for brands and market leaders to generate a buzz or create an outreach funnel.

When it comes to cost-efficient user retention and brand recall, social media marketing works like no other due to its peculiar quality of upholding real-time communications, trend-savvy creativity, and mobile friendliness.  

Here’s How To Build Customer Relationships Through Social Media: 

  • Use Social Listening & Automation 

Building long-standing customer relationships are all about delivering a delightful experience to them. The first step towards that is by listening to them. Whether it’s through customer relations or social media campaigns, gathering an overview of your social audience behavior will help you bring in the aspect of branded storytelling for a meaningful connection.

  • Leverage Customer Feedback & Reviews

Great customer success and relation strategy involves a continuous cycle of engagement through regular feedback and insight generation processes. With businesses focusing on the customer experience journey, it’s become even more important to garner their perspectives and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Instead of trying to conceal your negatives, thank your customers for bringing the issue out and work towards a stable resolution. Your brand will be perceived as an entity that is honest and accountable thereby improving your brand reputation online. 

  • Don’t Be Robotic

No one likes to deal with cold, lifeless responses that look they’ve been taken from a ready-made template or script. As brands, you have to personalize your message and communication based on their queries. You cannot take a highly technical approach with a non-technical person and a highly financial explainer to someone who hates all that jargon. 

Simplify your communication, humanize your brand voice, and see the connection going stronger. 

  • Delight Your Customers

Social media is that not-so-serious marketing sibling among others. It’s crucial to keep it light-hearted and fun from time to time. Delight your customers by giving away an occasional discount or an exclusive one-time offer on your social media channels. You could event conduct AMA’s or webinars occasionally to interact with them on a real-time basis.

  • Share User-Generated Content

If you’re able to trigger your brand engagement smartly on social media, your users and clients will be tagging your products or service offerings on their feeds. Use this opportunity to engage with this user-generated content and share them on your brand’s social media. This is turning out to be one of the top social media trends as well. 

  • Be Proactive

Using marketing automation to speed up your social media workflows, you can make your communications and support staff more proactive. No one likes a sluggish customer support and query solving process. Even if you don’t have an instant response or resolution for your customers, it’s important to acknowledge them and give them a resolution turnaround time. 

Pro-tip: You get brownie points for being proactive but you gain their trust for a long time if you resolve their queries in a timely manner time and again.

Long-lasting customer engagement and brand relationship building require thorough platform expertise coupled with creative social media strategy. Our digital marketing services have been fine-tuned for a more tailor-made approach for brands looking to cut through the online clutter and make an impact. 

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