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Best Practises To Improve Your Twitter Engagement in 2021

Best Practises To Improve Your Twitter Engagement in 2021

Whether you’re a brand looking to improve your engagement funnel or an industry leader looking to strengthen your network, Twitter is a superstar of a microblogging platform that can help you reach the stars provided you follow practices that adhere to their algorithms and landscape.

Social media marketing is always at the forefront of any brand with little value given to social media optimization. As part of our digital marketing services, we always help brands harmonize between the two for enhanced results and make the most out of their social media channels.  

Here Are Few Best Practises To Improve Your Twitter Engagement In 2021:

  • Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, you will be judged for your Twitter bio more than your tweets. Many brands can pull off a quirky intro or a smartly placed campaign link on their bio section, however not many can. If you’re one of those still trying to figure out, we suggest you start with the basics of getting your Twitter to handle and a simple one-liner about your business right. 


  • Identify Your Goals

Why are you on Twitter? Do you need to improve your audience interactions through hashtags, likes, retweets, comments, or enhance your customer support? Perhaps you need to keep track of your competition for a quick-witted reply that makes for a fun brand standoff. 

Setting goals will help you adhere to metrics to see if your strategy is bringing results.  Learn how you can use Twitter’s Activity Dashboard to gain insights for all your activity and view metrics for every single Tweet.  

  • Combine Trending & Brand Specific Hashtags

If you post tweets every day or are working towards an awareness campaign, you’ll definitely be working with chosen hashtags to go along with your branded hashtags. This not only makes your tweets discoverable by relevant audiences but also helps create a latch-on effect for your followers to engage with and create a chain reaction of sorts.


As part of #InternationalBeerDay, Stella Artois chimed in to create #Fluent engagement with this hashtag and created conversations. A fine example of latching on to a trend for which they tweeted throughout the day to encourage participation.

Read their Twitter case study to learn how they got a +2100% increase in brand mentions and a +3300% increase in brand sentiment. 

  • Make Those Characters Count

With Twitter doubling its character count from 140 to 280, it has opened up a wide spectrum of content variations for brands and professionals to express themselves. Make it count through emojis, images, GIFs, hashtags, CTAs, and a relatable copy all through your 280 characters limit. 


Twitter threads are also a great way to make people read more and stay on your Tweet for a longer duration or be a part of a longer campaign. 

  • Use Twitter Polls & Fleets

To say social media is evolving at a rapid pace would be an understatement. Twitter has always been at the forefront of adjusting to the needs of its community through new features and privacy policies. When the pandemic hit, they dedicated a COVID section for each country which displayed real-time stats and news. Learn how you can create and engage through industry-relevant discussions using Twitter polls

Similarly, they also introduced Fleets to help their users be more spontaneous and engaging. Using Twitter polls and fleets can simplify your event management & marketing team’s job by asking all the right questions. You may also switch up the tone by asking rhetoric or playful questions to up the engagement factor. 

  • Engage With Your Audience & Influencers

Know where your audience gravitates and who influences them. Twitter moments and trends are a great opportunity for striking up a conversation to improve your visibility among the target audience and up the proactiveness factor of your brand.

  • Recycle & Retweet

Holidays and events are coming and going every year. Have a special tweet that fits that occasion? Or perhaps a blog that just clicks at a particular time of the year? Recycle that evergreen content and retweet it so that your newer followers may also take note. 

Twitter is a platform that is always buzzing with the latest news, trends, brand campaigns, activism, and much more. The key is to time your actions right and up goes your engagement levels. 

Whether you’re a small business or a big-time corporation, we can derive social media marketing and engagement strategies for everyone whether it’s simply a posting calendar or a strategic engagement plan. 

Give us a shout-out on Twitter @Yapsody and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you. 

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