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Best Practises To Amplify Your Visual Content Marketing

Best Practises To Amplify Your Visual Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the great facilitators for branded storytelling, but visual content marketing takes it a notch further by making the textual format more appealing and memorable. Looking at how branding tips and trends can come and go frequently, visual content marketing can depict and illustrate your brand or service offering consistently. 

Visuals are processed faster and garner a better brand engagement and recall in your audience’s mind.

Here Are Few Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing: 

1. Avoid Stock Images

The natural inclination for any marketer to bring emphasis onto their words is through relevant images. However, gone are the days of choosing stock images to make a point on the internet. According to HubSpot’s visual content marketing statistics, if a relevant image is paired with your brand’s published information, viewers were able to retain 65% of the information for a longer time duration.

As a best practice, it’s advisable for brands to stick to their own images and illustrations and ditch the stock image route for good.  

2. Repurpose Insights Into Infographics

Chances are that you’re already publishing monthly or yearly insights based on what your brand vertical is. Repurposing those evergreen blog insights and data into an infographic format will help your readers and clients follow a visually rich directive through your illustrations, and designs based on stats.

Repurpose Insights Into Infographics

Infographics have had the biggest use among B2B marketers according to this study by Hubspot, which is pretty clear that insightful data and statistics through the medium of infographics works. Another crucial factor with infographics is its shareability factor through emails or social media making it a useful variant of content marketing. 

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

Whether it’s a client testimonial or a social media shoutout, make use of your UGC through well-designed collaterals. Maybe your next brand event was a huge success and all your event attendees did their bit of tagging you in videos and posts. Use this opportunity to bring them into the spotlight through a video highlight reel or testimonial blog.

Instagram reels for your brand can be a great visual video marketing format for you to leverage UGC and gain higher engagement levels. 

4. Appeal To Their Best Emotions

Whether it’s through meme marketing or video ads, drawing out your audience’s best emotions is nothing short of a masterstroke. Content that strikes the right emotive notes is the winning content that will take your brand to the next level.

Visual content that is driven through humor, empathy, serenity, satisfaction, happiness, and love can score big in the audience engagement department. 

5. Maintain Your Brand Identity

Within the mix of all that visual designs, colors, themes, and illustrations it’s easy to lose your brand voice. The whole practice of content marketing through visuals is to subtly embed your brand voice and persona in the mind of your audience. However, with a multitude of brands trying to achieve the same thing, finding a unique brand identity that remains consistent is quite the challenge. 

To tap into the emotional psyche of your audience, provide exciting visuals that leave them awestruck. However, it only works for brands or services that invest in a well-designed visual content marketing strategy.

Our branding experts will be more than happy to understand your brand offerings and then build audience personas for a truly targeted visual communication approach.

Our team of digital illustrators and content marketers brings true value through comprehensive concepts and designs so that you and your potential audiences are enthralled.

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