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Benefits Of Using Instagram Hashtags

Benefits Of Using Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a definitive social media marketers toolkit for improving engagement, branding, categorization, and targeting. Gone are the days of uploading a beautiful sunset with a caption and a #throwback to go with it. Nowadays, to growth hack your way through Instagram, you need to align a specific strategy to your hashtag selection and implementation. It’s a delicate game of striking a balance or else it can make your post riddled with hashtags hindering your Instagram performance.  

Our Social Media Marketing team would be delighted to guide you with a pinpointed strategy to fulfill your marketing objectives. Meanwhile, to get you started here are a few benefits that any brand or online professional can consider while using Instagram hashtags.

Here Are Few Benefits of Instagram Hashtags:

  • Improves Branding & Discoverability

Using a combination of your brand-specific hashtags and a set of popular hashtags generic to your Instagram, you will witness an initial burst of engagement from non-followers who’ve discovered your Insta post. By categorizing your Instagram post, you are targeting a specific audience to discover your brand organically.

For instance, if you’re a digital marketing agency providing branding tips & trends from time to time. With the correct use of hashtags and creative collaterals, you can reach a wider audience looking for branding-related advice and tips.

  • Fosters Community Engagement

If you’re trying to scale your community-building, Instagram is the perfect platform to do so.  By engaging through relevant hashtags according to your industry or business vertical, you can join in on current discussions and encourage audiences to get involved through Instagram posts, stories, and reels. Make sure to check out these Tips For Using Instagram Reels For Brand

  • Latches On To A Niche

When your chosen hashtags fall into a niche category such as nature, movies, sustainability, weather, social media, or anything that has a high number of followers, those hashtags are a gold mine for elevating your Instagram engagement quickly.

By latching on to a niche hashtag, you can progressively build your brand storytelling through the medium of pre-selected, high-performing hashtags. 

  • Categorizes Your Content Buckets

The beauty of Instagram hashtags is that you can choose to pick whichever hashtags you like. Better yet, you can create your own hashtags that align with your social media brand. Many e-commerce or shopping websites have a multitude of categories for their customers to choose from. Hashtags make it easier for these sellers to categorize their custom content buckets and reach the targeted audience easily.

According to Sprout Social’s social media demography 2021, there are 1 billion active Instagram users with the largest age group falling between 25-34. This age group that makes purchasing decisions right on their mobile devices has become the go-to portal for them to engage with your brand. 

  • Latches On To Topical Events

Whether it’s a conference or live music event for charity, using topical hashtags will make sure your upcoming events are discovered easily through hashtags.

Create a buzz on IG stories leading up to the event through video snippets with hashtags. Your event Stories will get higher views when used with geotagging, artists/sponsor tagging, event/location/brand-based hashtags, polls, GIFS, stickers, and other trending elements.  Check out some of the Best Event Marketing Practices For Instagram Success.

  • Helps Geo-Targeting

Apart from tagging your stories and posts on a particular location, your hashtags could also include the relevant geo-targeted hashtags. Geo-targeting could include your brand HQ, local neighborhood, city, country, or event locations to broaden your discoverability.

Themed hashtags based on globally followed topical events are perfect for boosting your local businesses. #InternationalSushiDay,  #InternationalBeerDay, or #InternationalYogaDay are some of the geo-targeted hashtags and events that can be leveraged to push your brand visibility further. 

  • Assists Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns need to be creative and memorable through a catchphrase and hashtags are the perfect functionality to do so. Marketing campaign hashtags are highly effective for generating the initial buzz, launching new product service lines, building brand recall, and even inspiring people.

Looking to hash out an impression on Instagram? Through our tailored Social Media Marketing (SMM)we have been creating a continuous cycle of Instagram optimization. Through our audience benchmarking, targeted advertising, optimization, and engagement tactics, your brand can shine through on Instagram.

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