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9 Strategic Website Design Tips For Higher Conversions

9 Strategic Website Design Tips For Higher Conversions

Any business website is a 24/7 online real estate for branding, advertising your USP, sharing information, getting leads, and improving conversions for your business. However big or small of a business, a well-thought-out and designed website are crucial for your overall online reputation and brand storytelling. Marketers swear that a well-designed website that also mirrors itself through a well-optimized mobile website are key components.  

85% of adults are of the opinion that viewing a company’s website on mobiles should be a better experience than its desktop version.

Website design is often perceived as strictly visual, but the structural and strategic elements are also attributed to a high volume of conversions. What makes a good website design tick? And more importantly, what makes your potential customers consider adopting your product or service? Here’s our guide to getting it right. 

Here Are 9 Strategic Website Design Tips For Higher Conversions

  • Keep Your Interface Simple

According to a Stanford University report, 46.1% of people judged a website’s design for its credibility and authenticity. You wouldn’t enter a shabbily maintained store, similarly, your website visitors wouldn’t want to see a jumbled-up mess. 


Keep your website interface simple and easy to look at, scroll through, and navigate. Make their first impression, a lasting impression through your website design, brand themes, and user interface. 

  • Be Specific To Their Problems

In the chase for being overly abstract or adding illustration-heavy designs, your website might end up losing the plot. Your website content and design structure need to complement each other and portray your USP clearly. 


  • How does your product or service solve the problem or make their life easier? 
  • Which product pricing is right for your needs? 
  • What’s in it for them and why are you better than your competitors?
  • What do our customers have to say about your product?
  • How competitive is your pricing strategy? 

Are just some of the queries which should be answered or resolved when someone lands on your website in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Your website navigation for various sections is the key to be specific in dispersing your USP. 

  • Awareness Is The Key

Your website is real estate for everything about you. Make use of it by spreading awareness in the form of about us sections, blogs, case studies, press releases, and contact forms throughout your website pockets. 

According to Hubspot’s Website & Design Stats, 51% of website visitors think “contact information” is a major element missing from many company websites.

Identifying your website hotspots and engagement hot pockets are the keys to creating effective website content. Once you’re aware of where your website visitors are landing, you can make those hotspots knowledge-centric. 

To nurture potential leads with data-led user experience on your website, we use the following landing page optimization techniques:

  • Screen Recording Technology
  • Visitor Heatmaps
  • Cursor Visualization
  • Visitor Attention Scanners

Please Contact Us to know our CRO team can maximize your website structure and improve your conversions. 

  • Respect Your Readership

It’s easy to get carried away with your fancy words, phrases, and hero text to make your website appear the best of the best. However, when it comes to reading it, your website visitors might get turned off by jargon-filled content and communication.

Respect your readership by sticking to simple, easy to comprehend terms and sentences. The purpose of your website is to clearly communicate your core brand values, USP, and other valuable information in an aesthetically pleasing yet concise manner. Here are few tips to start you off with: 

  • Use shorter sentences and paragraphs
  • Use CTA’s that are clear and obvious
  • Minimize adding massive blocks of explainer content
  • Use buzzwords minimally 
  • Use bulleted points if needed
  • Stick to On-Page Optimization

Organic traffic is your brand’s most cost-effective form of attracting digital conversion. By sticking to on-page SEO techniques while designing the content helps you rank higher in search engines. Consequently, you are improving your visibility to your potential customers who are searching for your brand offerings.

  • Use Captivating Visual Communication

Boring websites rarely make the cut for a high volume of conversions. To enhance and captivate your audiences, you need to keep track of key visual communication elements such as: 

  • Optimized Hero Text & Images (high-resolution banners that do not compromise site loading speeds)
  • Typography (typefaces, line spacing, font size, letter spacing, etc)
  • Color schemes (certain colors invoke a feeling and impact the messaging on different website sections)


Customer Support

Fun fact: Using a simple yet engaging popup Hotjar converted 408 visitors in the first three weeks of the popup implementation, 75% of which were not existing Hotjar customers.

  • Place Trigger-Based Live Chat Support

Conversational chatbots can be beneficial if your business is hard to comprehend just by visiting your homepage. As a real-time live assistant of sorts, this functionality has been a helping hand in guiding potential leads closer to the conversion funnel. 

Chat Trigger

Live Chat and smart chat triggers can convert 30-40% of online sales that are usually lost at the shopping cart stage. It guides visitors along the sales process, resolves issues, and answers any queries they may have in real-time. Learn more about CRO-based techniques that will enhance your website experience. 

  • A/B Test Your Layout Variations

As part of your website design and development process, you’ll have variations to choose from. Upon successful implementation, it’s wise to A/B test those layout variations. 

Mapping your customer’s journey on your website from start to finish will help you create behavioral marketing personas and help you understand peculiar patterns in their behavior while making a purchase. 

  • Focus On Speed

Respecting your readership is one thing, but respecting their time is also another. Your site speed is a crux of your website design or re-design. Two of the top CRO trends of 2021 continue to be mobile-optimized web pages and site speed. Although page speed also depends on your visitor’s internet bandwidth, the average page speed index ranges from 7.9 seconds to 11.3 seconds across industries. 

CRO can enhance your site speed and create a continuous cycle of conversion. While creative branding trends can help you personify and beautify your website, it’s through designated CRO techniques and trends that can you make your website a beauty with brains. 

To reduce your CPA, we use CRO techniques such as heatmaps, A/B testing, website content optimization, along with our expertise through:

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Website Branding
  • Branded Content & Communication
  • Content Strategy & Optimization
  • Video & Infographic Creation

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