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5 Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Trends For 2021

5 Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Trends For 2021

CRO can enhance your website experience and create a continuous cycle of engagement and conversion. 2020 taught us how businesses stayed agile by broadening their scope of marketing to truly strike a chord with their target audience. While creative branding trends can help you personify and beautify your website, it’s through designated CRO techniques and trends that can you make your business a beauty with brains.   

CRO comes into play to help you enhance those under the hood elements that work in tandem with your exteriors for that full-blown effectiveness. Conversion Rate Optimization in itself is an activity that is heavily dependent on the evolution of big tech and trends. 

Here Are 5 Website CRO Trends For 2021

  • UX Will Dictate The Rules

Conducting a website audit is one of the first steps in identifying design and user experience flaws. Visual communication through optimized UX designs and the smart placement of content & visuals will dictate the user experience on your website. Time and again, this remains to be an evergreen trend every year as more and more brands are identifying the value of their website. 

As part of your customer experience, a comprehensive website audit becomes the tip of the iceberg while understanding your target audiences’ interactions on different sections of your website. Our UX audit involves screen recording technology, visitor heat maps, cursor visualization, visitor attention scanners, and A/b testing that allow us to optimize your website for peak performance.

For example, a simple popup converted 408 visitors in the first three weeks of the popup implementation, 75% of which were not existing Hotjar customers. Check out how Hotjar transformed its pricing page bounce rate into 60+ trial signups through popups

  • Site Speed Will Make Or Break You

Imagine the irony of a business website that promises speedy deliveries or food delivery in 30 mins but their website takes ages to load. Site speed can truly make or break your brand if you have too much crammed into your content. However, if elements such as your website images, CSS, Javascript, server speed, and how your HTML pages are built are not audited and fixed, it may cause your site speed to go down. 

As part of our Conversion Rate Optimization services, we offer user experience analysis using heatmap and analytics tools to boost your site speed and responsiveness resulting in lower bounce rates and better conversion rates

  • Make Data Collection Easier

Your consumer’s time is at the center of creating a stellar website user experience. Online forms are crucial for collecting data, insights, requests, and feedback in a simple straightforward manner. However, gone are the days of having to fill in each and every detail. 

Online forms consisted of multiple fields and now only a phone number or social media login is sufficient for verifying credentials thereby saving your visitor’s time. Once, they login within a few seconds, they can easily fill up the required details and pass on the data required by you. 

  • Mobile-Optimization Continues To Dominate

According to Statista, mobile devices generated close to 75%-80% in 2020. Mobile usage has surged in 2020 and continues to do so in 2021 which means brands will have to focus on mobile optimization. Chances are that you’re reading this blog on your mobile device or touchpad. Similarly, many e-commerce websites keep their mobile websites optimized as their target audience of 24-40 are the ones most likely to purchase through their online payment-enabled mobile devices.  

Mobile responsiveness is not unheard of, however, the latest mobile experiences such a voice search, AR, and quicker checkout processes call for a smooth mobile optimized website. 

  • Disclose Your Data Usage & Privacy Policies

In the age of pandemic, delinquency is on the rise thereby halting your audience’s trust and adoption tendencies. No one likes to go through a maze of smoke and mirrors when it comes to trusting a brand while making a purchasing decision. Disclose all your data and privacy policies upfront so that your leads know that you can walk the talk. 

How do we optimize your website to achieve conversions and keep up with CRO trends? 

To reduce your CPA, we use CRO techniques such as heatmaps, A/b testing, content optimization, along with our expertise through:

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Optimization
  • Video & Infographic Creation

Please Contact Us to know how our CRO team can maximize your website performance and gradually improve your conversion rates.

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