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5 Ways To Gather Actionable Customer Feedback

5 Ways To Gather Actionable Customer Feedback

Building customer relationships require a lot of effort when it comes to gathering insights and feedback that would make their customer experience and smooth flowing one. 

Customer feedback has evolved over the years from just being a telephony-based concept. Through the years, it has facilitated brand engagement through a data-driven approach in the online marketing landscape and enhanced their overall customer experience journey.

How customer feedback or insight benefits your business & marketing goals? 

  • Figure out what people like or dislike about your website
  • Collect new feature requests to build a better product roadmap 
  • Restructure website elements for better conversion  
  • Get feedback on your new website and platform features
  • Measure CSAT scores
  • Get content recommendations for your blog or resource section

Here Are 5 Ways To Gather Actionable Customer Feedback:

1. Follow-Up Emails & Survey Links

The most common feedback garnering method out there, follow-up emails with survey links does the job well. This phase of your marketing is basically like a post-purchase or post-onboarding when your customer has bought a product or enrolled in your service offering. 

Avoid going into a storytelling mode and stick with clear expectations of hearing their candid feedback. Keep the email template minimal and the survey easy to comprehend and participate in. Reach out to our email marketing specialists to get a personalized strategy designed for your brand. 

2. Use Instagram Stories & Twitter Polls 

An easier way of garnering feedback from your masses is to put it out on your social media. Combining your social media and email marketing efforts for customer feedback will help you gather personalized insights as well as generic insights. 

Using Instagram stories and Twitter polls, you can not only improve your social media engagement but also gather timely feedback quickly. Using Twitter polls and fleets can simplify your event management by asking all the right questions.

3. Initiate Email Surveys To Potential Customers

Notice a few dropouts from your conversion funnel? Or perhaps a few abandoned carts? Initiate automated email campaigns to understand what went wrong or what could be improved to change their buying decision. 

Email surveys at this phase of your marketing funnel can help you make better decisions, strategize smarter, and cut down unwanted risks through research and the identification of data points.

If potential customers are not fully convinced with your product or service offering, then you can develop improvement reports through email surveys. Here are 7 Types Of Marketing Surveys That You Can Use Further

4. Direct Outreach 

Through various marketing automation, you can create a myriad of feedback collection and insight gathering mechanisms. However, if you’re dealing with high-value customers or clients, a personal touch is highly recommended for successful conversion rates.

Direct outreach through a call or in-person meeting would help you understand their psychological and emotive contextual insights and make your job easier catering to them

5. Website Feedback Triggers

Your website is 24/7 online real estate that needs to be in top shape for healthy conversions. Through strategically placed website feedback triggers, figure where you’re lacking and what will help you create an additional layer of trust, loyalty, and retention from your consumers.

Figuring out insights about your customer’s website behavior at crucial stages of your conversion funnel can improvise your CRO strategy and experience as well.

Mapping your customer actions on your website will help to create behavioral personas and understand peculiar patterns while making purchases. Once you’ve studied their collective moves on your website, you can predict their actions better and optimize your website flow better. 

Customer experience and satisfaction rely heavily on gathering the correct customer feedback from time to time. Being proactive with your approach can help you get more out of your marketing and business efforts.

Do check out our digital marketing services that will help you achieve your customer conversion goals and satisfaction levels through a wide suite of services. 

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