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5 Ways To Combine Your Social Media & Email Marketing Efforts

5 Ways To Combine Your Social Media & Email Marketing Efforts

Social media marketing and email marketing are undoubtedly one of the most highly preferred forms of marketing used by every business. Marketers will not only rely on a single marketing channel but try to bolster multiple combinations to get the best conversions on email and trigger brand engagements.

According to Statista, there are 3.9 global email users. With numbers like that and an ever-evolving social media landscape, any marketer wouldn’t want to leverage the best of both worlds. 

In this blog, we’ll be covering the 5 ways in which any brand could combine its SMM and email marketing techniques.  

Here Are 5 Ways To Combine Your Social Media & Email Marketing:

1. Recycle & Reuse Creatives

Social media and emails share a common ground when it comes to marketing through rich illustrations, feature images, banners, GIFs, and infographics. The branded visuals that you’re using on social media on a weekly basis could be neatly packaged for monthly newsletters or drip campaigns. 

Recycle & Reuse Creatives on Social Media and Emails

If your users missed your communication through social media posts, chances are that they can catch up on it through your monthly newsletter. Not only will you keep your brand communication consistent but also keep these streams aligned with similar communication. 

Recycle & Reuse Creatives on Social Media and Emails


2. Add Subscription CTAs On Social Media

Building an email list takes time. However, when you’re trying to make ends meet through social media and email, a smarter technique exists. Make sure to upload your subscriber list and contacts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to build that initial database.

Through Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter you can add CTAs effortlessly through their dedicated call to action functions. This way, you can easily create a Subscription CTA to gather more contact list data to add to your emailing lists. 

Upon subscribing, a welcome message with your brand details, product demos, guides, and blogs would be a great addition to your social media – emailer engagement cycle. 

3. Integrate Social Media Buttons

A vice-versa approach to combine these two channels. Almost every email you get in your inbox these days will have their social media icons and handles for branding purposes. As part of branding and engagement, this nudges your subscriber or user list to follow you on social media in the least intrusive manner. 

Integrate Social Media Buttons

Pro-tip: Incentivize your email list with an offer or limited time period deal when they follow you on social media. 

Dunkin Donuts is a prime example of integrating social media actions through email marketing. They created a live stream campaign on Twitter and sent an actionable email where their users could simply click on the CTA button and Tweet out in support of their campaign. Catching two birds with one Tweet.

4. Sync Your Contacts On Social Media

Syncing your contact list or client list on social media platforms is a great way to socially connect and engage with your affiliates such as high-priority clientele, sponsors, speakers, employees, and so on. 

Data lies at the heart of marketing campaigns and communications. When you cross-target your email contact list on social media, you can reflect your social campaigns on email through hashtags. 

5. Gather Social Testimonials

Social media can be an Achilles heel for many when it comes to positive and negative feedback. With real-time Tweets, you can get a peek into your user’s mindset and choose to pivot that into UGC content in the form of a review, testimonial, or success story. 

As a brand, you can leverage social proof in your email marketing campaigns to convince your subscribers to convert. In case of negative feedback, you can also showcase that in case your Customer Success Team did a great job of turning their pain points into a quick resolution. 

Remember that it’s easy to improve your conversion funnel by saying “We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction through resolutions” rather than an overused “Buy Now” CTA button. 

Social media marketing automation and social media listening are turning out to be some of the top social media trends for 2021. Whereas hyper-personalized email content gaining to the crucial email marketing trend of 2021. 

Social media and email marketing are your organic arsenal for success. If you’re looking for a cost-effective lead generation strategy, our in-house creative and marketing teams follow a personalized approach to identify key areas of improvement and excel at them.

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