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5 Tips To Lead Your Facebook Strategy In 2021

5 Tips To Lead Your Facebook Strategy In 2021

Facebook is undoubtedly the granddaddy of all the social media platforms out there. With a jaw-dropping 2.8 billion active users worldwide recorded in the 4th quarter of 2020, Facebook is that one social media platform where brands can truly grab eyeballs.

Whether big or small, brands are choosing to operate their Facebook business page as a social online business directory of sorts with contact details, location, reviews, CTA buttons, and so on.

Here Are Few Tips That Will Guide Your Facebook Strategy in 2021

1. Play By The Demographics

Your Facebook strategy will be heavily dependent on the demographics that you’re catering to.  While Facebook now has users ranging from the young to the old, India has the largest reported userbase of 310 million followed closely by the USA

As a brand, you need to figure out your target audiences and only then create a social media strategy for Facebook. 

2. Align Your Feed For Mobile Users

Everyone owns a smartphone with a big screen meant for consuming content variants. Now, when it comes to Facebook, more than 90% of its users are browsing their feed on their mobile devices, which is why you need to design your posts and ads that are optimized for Facebook mobile users. 

3. Create Shareable Content

Facebook has always been a sharing platform for a majority of its users. Whether it’s a news article, live stream, event, personal or professional updates, vacation pictures, and so on. As a brand, you need to have a firm grasp of your audience’s likes and dislikes to be able to create compelling content that they feel like sharing among their network. Not everything needs to go viral, considering everyone is still dealing with the after-effects of 2020.


Facebook groups are one way of raking up your engagement quickly. Likemindedness lies at the core of networking and making connections. This is why many Facebook groups and communities saw a surge in their members and content submissions. 

4. Cross-Platform Promotions

Facebook, Inc., comprises other actively used platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram which offer business profiles to brands, industry professionals, athletes, celebrities, and public figures alike. 


This lets brands and businesses integrate cross-platform promotion on Instagram & Facebook allowing for a wider range. Learn more about our social media marketing services where our ad specialists help you navigate your brand offerings through each platform which has its own algorithm of what works best. 

5. Video Is The Way Ahead

In the age of Reels and IGTV, video campaigns are the winning formula for many brands and individuals alike. Videos published in a vertical format get the highest amount of engagement as it’s easy to view on mobile devices and easier to share even.

Videos definitely are the way to go if you wish to use Facebook as your pivotal digital marketing crux in 2021. Pictures say a thousand words, but videos can convey emotions in 4k 60fps. 

We hope these 5 tips help you guide and optimize your Facebook strategy further in 2021. If you need a personalized social media and digital marketing strategy tailored to your brand or business, feel free to schedule a discussion with us and learn more about our offerings.

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