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5 Steps To Enhance Lead Generation Using Facebook Ads

5 Steps To Enhance Lead Generation Using Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the definitive lead magnet in a marketer’s arsenal. Being one of the most-used social media platforms, driving conversions and generating leads has become easier for many. 

What are Facebook Lead Ads? 

Facebook Lead Ads help digital marketers and ad experts generate high-quality leads by filling out simple forms on the social media post itself. These ads can be displayed across the Facebook News Feed, Facebook Stories, blogs, videos, marketplace, Instagram feed, and Instagram Stories.

Ad Metrics is one of the crucial Facebook metrics that need to be on your brand radar. However, keeping in line with the changing news feed algorithms, social media marketers need to be on par with our 5 step guide to get the most out of their Facebook Ads first.  

Here’s Our 5 Step Guide To Enhance Your Facebook Ads

1. Choose A Compelling Content Format

Depending on your line of business of service vertical, certain formats of Facebook Ads can be highly beneficial to get more conversions. E-commerce businesses or online stores can opt for carousels, catalogs, or canvas to showcase appealing product perspectives. A service-based business could opt for video ads to showcase its authenticity and grab eyeballs. 

First impressions through a perfect balance of ad design and content marketing can go a long way in improving your conversion funnel. 

Pro-tip: Don’t throw in all your content and copy into the canvas or carousel format. Be specific and play it smart. To keep it interesting, Facebook advertisers can try out carousels, short video snippets, animated shorts, or longer stories that can compel viewers to take action. 

2. Edit Your Ad Copies & CTA

A well-written ad copy can triumph over everything else. Too much content and jargon-filled ads are mostly skipped so keep it concise and personalized. 

Your ad copies could double up as an effective CTA as well or lead to the CTA. Motivating actions through compelling copy and CTA is the secret to generate more leads. Strong actionable verbs and direct phrases are winners. 

Keep a repository of ad creatives and copies that were used for a particular Facebook campaign which you can use & recycle later to match a recurring goal. 

3. Run Frequent Discount Campaigns

Incentivizing through your Facebook Ads strategy is an age-old way of getting those clicks. A discount or a limited-time offer is a quicker way to collect new user details by getting them to sign up or log in to make a purchase.

Facebook Discount Ads

Facebook Offer Ads make it easier to broadcast your discounts and deals through Instagram as well by sending redemption reminders & notifications to the interested viewers

4. Target Your Audiences Correctly 

You can choose to target audiences that align with your Facebook Ad’s primary objective. You can choose to build a lookalike audience, nearby audience,  or custom audiences list for a better lead generation possibility. 

Just how you would create diverse marketing personas to align your larger business goals, define your ad targeting options to make sure your ads are seen by the relevant audience. 

While setting up your Facebook Ads campaign, you can choose from group filters for better targeting such as:

  • Demographics: age, gender, location, relationship status, age, sector, income bracket, professional expertise 
  • Interests: broad interests and preferences, specific interests based on Facebook pages liked 
  • Behaviors: small business owner, frequent traveler/shopper, uses desktop over handheld devices, etc. 

5. A/B Test & Analyse Your Analytics 

Digital marketers will always tell you that the best conversions are the result of frequent A/B testing and fine-tuning through analytics. As a brand, you should consider running two ads with different sets of copies and visuals and see which one works better.

With any marketing campaign, analytics plays a pivotal role in scaling up and modifying the lead generations. You can keep track of the following metrics through Facebook insights for a structured approach:  

  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad Clicks
  • Ad Frequency
  • Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) / Cost Per Impression (CPM)
  • Conversion Rates
  • Cost Per Conversions

6. Optimize Your Landing Page 

The landing page is the goal post of your conversion funnel. Your ad’s promise should be well reflected through optimized website content elements that make the visitor’s buying process, easier. If your landing page is not mobile-optimized, it might also be a reason for massive drop-offs. 

Making sure that the end-to-end funnel is streamlined, is key to getting more leads out of your Facebook Ads. 

Facebook ads and lead generation campaigns are all about compelling communication, timely audits, and data-based actions. Our advertising specialists will do all the heavy lifting for you and identify those crucial metrics that will help outgrow your competition. Ready to lead your Facebook strategy to the next level

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