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5 Quick Tips To Improve Your YouTube Engagement

5 Quick Tips To Improve Your YouTube Engagement

YouTube comes in second place after Facebook with 2291 million active users as far as the most famous social media platforms go. Video content and its diverse formats have been ruling the online engagement charts so it goes without saying that you should definitely improve your YouTube engagement strategy to improve your brand storytelling

Here Are 5 Quick Tips To Improve Your YouTube Engagement: 

1. Optimize Your Video Titles

You’re competing against millions of other brands and creators trying to catch the attention of similar audiences. A well-optimized video title that is not clickbait will surely bring in the video clicks. Don’t use the first idea for the video as your title but rather work with 2-3 variations. 

Consider a few things while creating a video title such as the number of visible characters, keywords usage, and correct sentence formation for better CTR.  

Pro-tip: A title in itself won’t pull your audiences, so it’s important to work on an equally compelling video thumbnail as well. 

2. Use Enticing Thumbnails

Thumbnails and titles are supposed to work in tandem to create that compelling action from a potential viewer. If your title isn’t adding that much of a substance, your YouTube video thumbnail better stand out Add your branding themes or logos for instant recall amongst your viewers.

Enticing thumbnails are not just for improving your engagement, but it also works as a differentiator for different video content buckets and playlists. Choosing bright colors, showcasing emotive faces, people doing an activity, or a screenshot from the video itself is a winning formula for improving your CTR. The idle size for your YouTube Thumbnails is 1280 x 720 pixels.

So, when a new viewer lands on your YouTube channel, it’s easier for them to pick a video of their choice. 

3. Strengthen Your Video Description 

Target your brand keywords in the initial two or three sentences of your YouTube video description. The first few lines act as a snippet on search engines, which is why it needs to be compelling and aligned to the content for your video as well. 

Start off with a strong intro that summarizes your video content and themes in 2-3 sentences. Then break into the second paragraph with a slightly detailed outline of what you wish to convey through your video. End the description with links to your website and social media handles for creating a strong YouTube video description. 

4. Create Playlists

Once you’ve created a good bank of regular videos or web series, it’s time to start segregating them into distinct playlists. By creating playlists, you’re allowing your viewers to get a continuous stream of relevant content that they prefer rather than letting them wander from video to video. 

YouTube Playlist

For smoother user interaction, add titles, tags, and descriptions to playlists, similar to your individual videos. This makes it easier for viewers to find your playlists making it more likely for YouTube recommending the playlist to relevant audiences. 

5. Try Live Streaming

Live stream has become increasingly popular amongst YouTubers to get real-time engagement. Event marketers have been leveraging YouTube for their event marketing and you too can leverage the most out of it through our social media optimization services

YouTube Live streaming can be conducted through:

  • Webinars & Product Demonstrations
  • Live tutorials & walkthroughs
  • Q&A sessions

We hope these 5 quick tips help you streamline your YouTube engagement strategy and yield the best possible results. For more such marketing insights and resources, do check out our Yapsody Marketing Insights for your daily dose. 

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