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Global and Country Specific Audience Preferences For Hospitality Services Post COVID-19

We recently conducted a survey on audience preferences for hospitality venues that can help you make strategic data-driven business decisions based on valuable insights which drills down to global and country-specific details that will help you understand their inclination towards attending your upcoming events. Plan your next event effectively!

Get access to all audience preferences data, including

  • Frequency Of Visiting A Hospitality Venue Pre-COVID-19
  • Audience Likelihood to visit Hospitality Venues Next Month
  • Audience Likelihood of visiting a hospitality venue after reopening
  • Audience Preference for Primary Venue Choice
  • Likelihood of attending a drive-in concert at the favourite hospitality venue
  • Audience Likelihood of visiting venues with or without regulations
  • Safety concerns visitors would have upon returning
  • Core or supplemental offerings That would entice visitors the most
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