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Audience Preferences For Hospitality Services Post COVID-19

We recently conducted a survey on audience preferences for hospitality venues that can help you make strategic data-driven business decisions based on valuable insights on various levels such as Global and Country-specific data based on audience demographics that will help you understand their inclination towards attending your upcoming events. Plan your next event effectively!

Get access to all audience preferences data, including

  • Frequency Of Visiting A Hospitality Venue Pre-COVID-19
  • Audience Likelihood to visit Hospitality Venues Next Month
  • Audience Likelihood of visiting a hospitality venue after reopening
  • Audience Preference for Primary Venue Choice
  • Likelihood of attending a drive-in concert at the favourite hospitality venue
  • Audience Likelihood of visiting venues with or without regulations
  • Safety concerns visitors would have upon returning
  • Core or supplemental offerings That would entice visitors the most
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