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feedbacks & surveys

Our Feedback Mechanism Process is where all your Customers Feedback is categorized and documented in a centralized database and every month we send you the VOC report.


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customer care services our standard suite

Support as a Service
Yapsody assists your existing & potential customers get the information they need in a matter of seconds
24/7 Availability
Our team is available round the clock to answer facility and service-related customer queries
Notification Policy
For customer queries outside Yapsody’s scope, we consult the enterprise immediately for further action

frequently asked questions

We use Zendesk which is one of the leading Customer Support Softwares. We create a multi-brand functionality for your business by hosting separate subdomains for 24/7 Chat, Email, Phone & Knowledge Base.

  • Our dedicated Account Manager will first understand your Customer Support Relations requirement and plan out a quick onboarding model.
  • On average, it takes around 24 – 72 hours to set up the Support Workflow after our Account Manager connects with you, however, depending on your requirements the onboarding duration can be tailored.
  • Through the onboarding model,  we train our Support Employees to understand your business needs and operational needs.
  • For setting up your Tech Support, it takes us 2 – 3 weeks to onboard a dedicated Tech Support Agent within 72 hours for answering your technical queries.
  • We first get in touch with your business team to understand the requirements and proceed with the necessary documentation.
  • Our dedicated Support Delivery Leader then sets up an Internal guide for the Support Agents using Zendesk Guide, where all your business operations are documented with a flow chart.
  • Our  Internal Guides is used to train the new Support Agents faster and is updated on an ongoing basis so that it is up to date 24 x 7.

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  • Our specialized Knowledge Manager will understand your business operations by monitoring the regular cases and will write detailed FAQ & knowledgebase articles with accurate information on an ongoing basis.
  • This helps your customers in finding solutions proactively by visiting your website with the knowledge articles which saves time and improves customer experience.

Our Suite Of Services

Being an industry partner to some of the best in the hospitality space, we’ve been offering a tailor-made suite of services comprising of Entertainment, Marketing, Customer Relations, Technology Development for every entity looking to surpass challenges. Yapsody is a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.