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We’ve put customer care at the forefront of hospitality businesses to help you acquire, engage, and retain your loyal patrons through a host of services such as White Labelled Customer Care, Retention Programs, Inbound & Outbound Multi-Channel Support, and many more

Schedule a discussion to understand how our Customer Relation services can help you in your success. Alternatively, you can refer to some FAQ’s below.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Techsupport: On Chat, Email & Call addressing all your Customers Tech Support questions which they come across while booking the tickets or Hotel accommodation like Transaction error, Abandoned transaction, receipt not received, etc.
  2. Customer Service Questions: On Chat, Email & Call addressing all the Hospitality Questions related to Hotel Booking, Accommodation, Payment, Refund, etc.
  3. Guest Engagement Relations:  Personalized Outbound calls in managing the guest relationship of your VIP’s about their membership details, new offers, etc.

We use Zendesk which is one of the leading Customer Support Softwares. We create a multi-brand functionality for your business by hosting separate subdomains for 24/7 Chat, Email, Phone & Knowledge Base.

  1. Our dedicated Account Manager will first understand your Customer Support Relations requirement and plan out a quick onboarding model.
  2. On average, it takes around 24 – 72 hours to set up the Support Workflow after our Account Manager connects with you, however, depending on your requirements the onboarding duration can be tailored. 
  3. Through the onboarding model,  we train our Support Employees to understand your business needs and operational needs.
  4. For setting up your Tech Support, it takes us 2 – 3 weeks to onboard a dedicated Tech Support Agent within 72 hours for answering your technical queries.
  1. We first get in touch with your business team to understand the requirements and proceed with the necessary documentation.
  2. Our dedicated Support Delivery Leader then sets up an Internal guide for the Support Agents using Zendesk Guide, where all your business operations are documented with a flow chart. 
  3. Our  Internal Guides is used to train the new Support Agents faster and is updated on an ongoing basis so that it is up to date 24 x 7.
  1. Our specialized Knowledge Manager will understand your business operations by monitoring the regular cases and will write detailed FAQ & knowledgebase articles with accurate information on an ongoing basis. 
  2. This helps your customers in finding solutions proactively by visiting your website with the knowledge articles which saves time and improves customer experience.
  1. You can expect monthly Client Effectiveness Reports related to your hotel rooms, accommodation, pricing feedback, or any general feedback. 
  2. We also have a Feedback Mechanism Process where all your customer’s feedback is categorized and documented in a centralized database. 
  3. We send you the VOC report, Production Report, and Service Level Report which are highly requested by all our clients.

We set up a Zendesk Chat Trigger on your checkout page or on your booking page so that a proactive chat trigger can alert them to Chat with our specialized Sales Agent who will convert them into the lead and it will boost your revenue

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