Reducing Your TCO Through Yapsody Customer Relation Services

Reducing Your TCO Through Yapsody Customer Relation Services

With businesses taking a hit during the peak of COVID-19, it’s natural for a majority of brands and services to curtail their processes, spendings, and expenses as a measure for extending their business continuity. However, with the vaccine rollout and drive looking to amplify its reach, businesses are hoping to get back on the wagon for normalcy without affecting their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

For starters, a majority of businesses are looking to ramp up their lines of communication to announce their re-opening to audiences, whether it’s through customer support or marketing communications. One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing your communication services is the removal of unplanned costs. This way, your teams can focus on your core responsibilities rather than focusing on customer outreach and engagement processes. 

As A Business, Here’s How You Can Bring Down Your TCO Through Yapsody

  • Achieve Zero Technology Cost 

At Yapsody, we specialize in Whitelabel Support services using Zendesk as a Support Relationship Management tool. When you sign up for our Customer Relation services, you don’t have to bear any of the technology cost for using the premium features of Zendesk. This way you can jumpstart your customer support process for unhindered engagement, which will be powered by the Zendesk Enterprise Suite and our customer support specialists.

  • Develop Your Self-Help Guides

Global businesses making the paradigm shift to working remotely, many B2C and B2B brands have latched onto creating guides and articles which can then be referred to for ease of understanding. As part of our Whitelabel Support Suite, we build a knowledge base of self-help guides that helps deflect tickets at chat support. 

Our specialized Knowledge Manager monitors your business operations and regular cases to create knowledge base articles regularly. This helps your customers in finding solutions proactively by visiting your website thus saving time and money. 

  • Cut Down On Hiring

Well, goes without saying, if you’re signing up for our suite of customer services, your brand’s support will be powered by our customer support specialists and agents who are available 24/7. By cutting down on your hiring expenses, you’re saving an ample amount of money that can be utilized for your digital marketing campaigns instead

  • Avoid Infrastructure Investments

When you’re not hiring any customer support personnel on your company payroll, you can also avoid the costs of having to provide infrastructure and hardware such as desktops, headset, and VoIP technology. 

  • Go Remote

Cut down on investing or expanding on extra real estate that will be required to house any customer support personnel. Real estate is one of the highest TCO factors for any company out there. Now, with most of the businesses rolling into the remote working style, it’s the best time for you to go remote with your customer support and outsource it. 

Cutting on your unnecessary expenditure and outsourcing one of your key business elements which are Customer Support, you can bring down a majority of your TCO and maintain a healthy cash flow. 

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