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How Live Chat Ensures Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Increased Sales?

How Live Chat Ensures Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Increased Sales?

Exceptional customer support is a precursor for enhancing your lead generation process and eventually increasing your sales. No matter which line of business or service offering, customer relations goes that extra mile for acquiring and retaining potential sales leads through Live Chat Support.

Live Chat has become the longstanding preferred mode of interaction between brands and consumers globally. Offering chat support is one of the primary channels for fueling customer engagement that helps increase sales.

Here’s How Live Chat Support Facilitates Your Sales 

  • Personalized Chat Experiences

Gone are the days of sticking to a templatized format for problem-solving and interactions with your customers. With a personalized approach through live chat, you can create a communication cycle that is unique to your brand style to facilitate sales easily. The feeling of being connected to another human on the other end adds an emotional quotient to the entire query resolution process.

At Yapsody, we’ve been helping businesses integrate chat support with existing interaction channels to create an exceptional customer experience. As part of the Onboarding process, our Customer Success Representatives first understand your product or services in detail and only then create a personalized support structure for enhanced sales generation. 

PS – We not only handle your brand’s support channels, but also the support resolutions arising from your customers. 

  • Immediate Resolutions

At the core of any customer interaction, lies the essence of quick problem-solving. When your customers get an immediate response or resolution for their queries, their trust in your brand shoots up resulting in a positive buying behavior.

At Yapsody, we specialize in Whitelabel Support services using Zendesk as a Support Relationship Management tool. Compared to Voice support, your customers get resolutions at their fingertip without having to wait in line to speak to an agent. Implementation of our Yapsody Live Chat also increases First Contact Resolution as they get the resolution quickly.  

We’ve been consistently maintaining an average CSAT score of 95%  whereas our First Contact Response Time is less than 30 seconds. 

  • Proactive Chat Triggers 

Smart chat triggers placed on your website can convert 30-40% of online sales that are usually lost at the shopping cart stage. It guides visitors along the sales process, resolves issues, and answers any queries they may have in real-time.

This is possible through our live webchat which offers strategic sales by upselling and cross-selling through discounts, bundle deals, and subscriptions. Your sales improvement is directly related to your cart abandonment rates going down.

  • Customized Chat Window & Statements

Addressing your customers or website visitors at the right moment with a greeting or intent-based statement through a customized chat window evokes a sense of trust in your brand proactiveness.

Whether your customer lands on your sign-up page or stuck on a payment gateway, it’s through these customized chat statements that they can be guided to the conversion funnel, seamlessly.  Whether you’re an E-commerce website or a health & wellness solution, we tailor our engagement narratives based on your brand offerings. 

  • Easy To Garner Feedback 

Live chat support is an asset for data analytics and growth hackers which to turn pain points into actionable insights. On live chat, your customers and users will be eager to share their pain points or general feedback which can be utilized by your teams for improvement. When that feedback is incorporated, and noticeable changes are witnessed by your customers, your sales funnel is positively impacted. 

What makes Yapsody Customer Support an effective conduit for any business is that we operate under the good practices of the HDI & ITIL framework which is industry-recognized. 

We constantly strive to enhance your brand-customer engagement through metrics such as Chat Quality, Avg Speed of Answer, Chat Abandonment Rate, and Chat Surveys. Outsource your Live Chat Support to us and witness enhanced customer satisfaction & increased sales.


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