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Gathering Actionable Insights Through Customer Support

Gathering Actionable Insights Through Customer Support

With Live Chat Support functionality being the most sought-after website integration in recent times due to customers wanting instantaneous answers and are not patient enough to get their queries resolved. Thereby, uplifting your frontline of communication through customer support has played an integral part.

The concept of Customer Support has evolved over the years from just being a telephony-based service. Through the years, it has helped brands engage with their potential customers with a data-driven approach and enhance their overall Customer Experience Journey. Customer service reports and insights are critical to identifying areas of improvement, improve team processes, and eventually their brand offerings.

Here’s How You Can Gather Actionable Insights Through Customer Support

  • Escalating Feedbacks & Bugs

Through a feedback and bug escalation mechanism in place, the Tech Support team passes on valuable, real-time insights to your Product team. Your resolutions are fast-tracked by following the Problem Management process to fix the issue permanently which in turn reduces the impact of your bugs and issues for many other users.

  • Capturing Feature & Service Requests

Apart from capturing bugs and issues, your Customer Support Team can also capture various feature and service requests from your clients or high-value customers. Through these requests and pain points, your dedicated team can then accordingly work towards improving the overall product or service offering.

Sometimes brands do an 80:20 Analysis i.e why 80% of feature feedback or request that has been received is because of 20% of bugs. Our Tenured Agents are highly experienced personnel dealing with product enhancements and escalations. While making suggestions for the existing product, this associate acts as a VOC to provide information to the Management Team.

  • Trend Tracking

Over a period of time, your customer support team will be able to track trends and patterns which are recurring. They may be FAQs, issues, or insights that any brand can use to build or improve themselves progressively.

As part of our Enterprise-Level Support, our customer support team helps you create knowledge base articles through these captured data and insight points which can function as a self-help resource. Global businesses making the paradigm shift to working remotely, many B2C and B2B brands have latched onto creating guides and articles which can then be referred to for ease of understanding. 

  • Satisfaction Surveys To The Rescue

Customer Satisfaction Survey sent after a Live Chat ticket is completed helps assess product perception as well as service perception. Following a process of sending a “Support Interaction Survey” for each interaction to customers, they can measure their satisfaction scores.

  • If the Customer is not happy with the Agent, then the Support center can focus on Agent skills like Product knowledge or communication skills, etc.
  • If the Customer is not happy with the Product, then Support Leadership can develop improvement reports and forward the same to the Management team for further business decisions.

As part of our technical support services, we offer assistance through multiple tiers of service:

  • Tier 1 – Resolving standard technical issues through proven processes.
  • Tier 2 – Resolving complex and escalated issues requiring more sophisticated troubleshooting procedures.
  • Tier 3 – Providing support to manage your Product Feature request & Feedback Management process.


  • Multi-channel Reports

Customer support is a multi-channel effort. Without key reports and insight tracking mechanisms in place, your data will be all over the place. At Yapsody, we specialize in Whitelabel Support services using Zendesk which helps us design Client Effectiveness Reports like Production Reports, Service Level Reports, and VOC Reports.

The willingness to go that extra mile for your customers starts by gathering useful bits of information through timely feedback or surveys. Once you gather that information, you can tailor your live chat experience to mirror your client’s expectations and create a truly enhanced Customer Experience Journey on your website.

Leveraging your customer feedback is crucial for any brand that wishes to maintain consistent quality which parallelly enhances your brand image along the Customer Experience Journey. 


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