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Enhancing Your Live Chat Support Experience On Your Website

Enhancing Your Live Chat Support Experience On Your Website

The Live Chat Support functionality has been the most sought-after website integration in recent times due to a majority of businesses going remote. The concept of Customer Support has evolved over the years apart from being an elemental factor in your business success.

No matter which industry you cater to, having a dedicated support team that functions on templatized resolutions just won’t cut it anymore. The customer support services that will successfully acquire and engage with your potential customers will be a qualitative and enhanced Customer Experience Journey.  

However, integrating and designing your website live chat support centers around imperative touchpoints that will make your brand stand out. 

Here’s How You Can Enhance The Live Chat Experience On Your Website

  • Chat-Box Placement

Clarity is key when it comes to enhancing your brand’s live chat experience. Identify all the hotspots on your website wherein your visitors and users will most likely end up opening the chat window. Perhaps your Features section compels them to know more about your service or perhaps on the Pricing or FAQ section where they intend to ask a few questions before signing up. 

  • Empathize

An underrated strategy that most brands fail to inculcate in their client and customer communication strategy. Client or customer irritability can be easily remedied with an empathetic approach for providing real-time, functional support. 

When you truly empathize with your customer’s emotion and pain points, the Live chat experience translates into a stellar Customer Experience Journey. Successful implementation of empathic communication will have your brand scoring brownie points from them in the form of a rave review or a testimonial that will further enhance your market standing. 

  • Flow Of Communication

24/7 Chat Support forms the crux of keeping the lines of customer support communication open. From your customer or client’s perspective, there should never be a disturbance or break from the flow of communication. Whether it’s a weekend or a public holiday, 90% chances are that’s the time they will connect with your brand. Having a form-based approach to collecting their questions and responding later is a hindrance to your lead generation process.

Our Whitelabel Suite of Service has been helping businesses remedy this through a combination of Personalized Workflow and  24/7 Chat and Email Support which maintains the brand-customer relationship steady. 

  • Personalize Your Communication

The tried and tested modes of greeting or expressions which were standard 10 years back no longer work on the average customer. Everyone has heard those morose responses and no one likes to go through that while needing a resolution. It’s crucial for your customer support agents to personalize and humanize their problem-solving approach so that the person at the other end of the line feels comfortable enough to share their queries freely.

Our Customer Success team delivers on this front by engaging in personalized engagement with your clients or customers, thereby increasing your customer satisfaction scores. 

  • Accumulate Feedback

The willingness to go that extra mile for your customers starts by gathering useful bits of information through timely feedback. So, your support team closed a case or provided a resolution in record time. Did it actually help your user or client? Measure the value of your services through a simple feedback form that will help you gain their perspective of your brand.

Once you gather that information, you can tailor your live chat experience to mirror your client’s expectations and create a truly enhanced Customer Experience Journey on your website. 

Designing an enhanced Live Chat experience on your website is a gateway to creating a positive and organic engagement cycle between your brand website and potential audiences. Our Customer Engagement suite of services enhances website value through Customer Support, Technical Support, and Live Chat Support


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