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Enhancing Your Brand Through An Effective Customer Relations Partner

Enhancing Your Brand Through An Effective Customer Relations Partner

While the benefits of Live Chat Support for improving your sales are well known, the features and functionalities of Live Chat Support for bringing an innovative approach to your branding are yet to be leveraged by companies. 

Automated assistance through Live Chat support and Customer Engagement programs have proven to be a highly accessible feature for building your brand. Apart from the proven success of Live Chat Support, there are other variants of this support that elevate your business which is possible through an effective Customer Relations Partner. 

Here’s Are Live Chat Functionalities That Can Improve Your Brand Standing

  • Chat Monitoring

Key stakeholders and entrepreneurs would utilize chat monitoring for analyzing real-time interactions between their sales representatives and customers. Decision-makers can then study the inadequacies and fill in the gaps wherever required. 

As part of our Enterprise-Level Support, we provide regular data and analysis through Production Reports, Service Level Reports, and VOC Reports that help you tailor your decisions further.

  • Proactive Chat Trigger

Whenever you’re running a marketing campaign, chances are there will certain new visitors landing your website that will need a timely push that would lead them closer to the conversion funnel. Whether it’s a free trial or a discount that you want him to avail, with proactive chat triggers used smartly, you can manipulate their journey on your website and improve your brand credibility among diverse audiences.

At Yapsody, we specialize in Whitelabel Support services using Zendesk as a Support Relationship Management tool. Through our Live Webchat integration, upselling and cross-selling are triggered through discounts, bundle deals, and subscriptions. 

  • Website Visitor Tracking

An advanced version of Live Chat Support, this functionality is integrated through Zendesk for optimized metric procurement, analyzing chat timings, your agent activity, transcript reports, chat history, and conversion tracking. If you’re looking for a pinpointed approach to data-driven website optimization, then this is your best bet for building your brand. 

  • Mobile Optimized Live Chat

A small yet powerful functionality that can be attributed to your brand standing. Mobile optimized live chat is a no-brainer as everyone has a piece of device that provides cellular connectivity with them. Through mobile-optimized live chat, resolutions are the quickest which reduces the efforts of your customer and increases brand value.

  • Enhanced Customer Journey 

The Live Chat support creates a Customer Engagement cycle that makes it simpler, faster, and cost-effective. We enhance your customer journey by designing product & service inquiries, complaint resolutions, customer surveys & emergency response while integrating channels with consistency.

Enticed to move your Live Chat support to the next generation of functionalities? It’s only natural to enhance your existing customer support needs with our Customer Relation Suite Of Services

Having an enhanced Live Chat Support is a gateway to building a stellar brand recall for your product and services. Live Chat Support is a win-win situation for any brand that wishes to maintain consistent customer support which parallelly enhances your brand image along the Customer Experience Journey. 


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