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Capturing User Insight & Feedback Through Customer Support Processes

Capturing User Insight & Feedback Through Customer Support Processes

Whether it’s through Live Chat, Phone Support, or email, capturing the voice of your customer for addressing their pain points is crucial. However, like every significant department of any given brand, there are certain processes and structures that need to be followed for a positive outcome. Customer Support is one of the frontlines for brand-user communication which makes it even more important to prioritize those escalation and feedback processes to improve the customer experience.

Here’s How You Can Capture User Insight & Feedback Through Customer Support Processes

1. Bug Escalation Process 

By escalating a complaint or a bug to the Tech Support team which is then passed on to your Product team, your clients get the opportunity to identify the root cause of the issue. Then the resolution begins by following the Problem Management process to fix the issue permanently which in turn reduces the impact of your bugs and issues for many other users.

It is noted that whenever a Tech Support Team escalates 20% of the cases related to a known error, Product Teams identify the root cause of the issue and come up with a permanent resolution. 

2. Feature Request Escalation 

When your users request a new product feature, the management team gets the opportunity to evaluate the request, and based on the priority they can decide to add to their product road map. 

Sometimes brands do an 80:20 Analysis i.e why 80% of feature feedback or request that has been received is because of 20% of bugs. Our Tenured Agents are highly experienced personnel dealing with product enhancements and escalations. While making suggestions for the existing product, this associate acts as a VOC to provide information to the Management Team.

Based on that businesses can take the decision to implement new features or changes to enhance their offering and improve the overall Customer Experience.

3. Support Interaction Survey

Many businesses follow a process of sending a “Support Interaction Survey” for each Interaction they have with customers to measure their satisfaction scores. 

  • If the Customer is not happy with the Agent, then the Support center can focus on Agent skills like Product knowledge or communication skills, etc.
  • If the Customer is not happy with the Product, then Support Leadership can develop improvement reports and forward the same to the Management team for further business decisions.

As part of our technical support services, we offer assistance through multiple tiers of service:

  • Tier 1 – Resolving standard technical issues through proven processes.
  • Tier 2 – Resolving complex and escalated issues requiring more sophisticated troubleshooting procedures.
  • Tier 3 – Providing support to manage your Product Feature request & Feedback Management process.

4. Incident Management Process

Documenting each interaction precisely in the Zendesk Incident Management tracker gives the opportunity to the Support Leadership to run a trending report. Identifying why people contact support and accordingly creating Knowledgebase Articles increases the efficiency & reduces contact center cost. 

5. Quality Monitoring

Every Support Center has a Quality Monitoring team and their responsibility is to evaluate Agent interaction on an ongoing basis on 3 attributes:

  • Customer Critical Accuracy 

The Quality Monitoring Team measures whether a Support Agent has the appropriate skill set to drive Customer Satisfaction. If they’re lacking, the Quality Team will identify the missing skill sets and train them. 

  • Business & Process Critical Accuracy

The Quality Monitoring Team measures whether the Support Agent is following the Internal Support Process effectively i.e documenting the case workflow, following the Escalation Management process, and other Business Processes as documented in the Support SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). In such instances, Quality Team shares that information with the process owner so that it can be streamlined which in turn will increase efficiency.

  • Compliance Critical Accuracy

Here the Quality Monitoring Team measures whether the Customer Support Agent is following the Critical Compliance procedures properly. The Quality Team will have a checklist of all the Compliance documented which they must Audit on an ongoing basis.

Through these attributes, customer support experts measure the quality and consistency of service delivery, capturing customer insight, identifying trends, service issues, and then coaching agents to improve their performance. 

Based on such User Insight and Feedback Management processes, the customer support and management teams can synergize about changes to be brought about in the existing processes and features

As part of our Whitelabel Support Suite, we can help your brand capture important feedback with the right tools, the right channels, and the right people. We focus on innovation and continuous improvement to make your Customer Experience journey simpler, safer, and faster.​


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