Yapsody Newsletter – September 2016

What’s Hot… And What’s Not in Indian Casino Entertainment

September 1, 2016 - Ok. So now you know our dirty little secret. We took a break from newsletters this summer. No, we were not serving "Beer to Our Horses ♪♪♪" or "Singing Sweet Home Alabama All Summer Long ♪♪♪" over lunch with agents in our L.A. office. In one of our busiest summer seasons ever, we were booking, producing, and ticketing concerts like Sammy Hagar, Martina McBride, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Dierks Bently, Smokey Robinson, Goo Goo Dolls, and so much more at casinos in the Northwest, Pacific Southwest, Southwest, and Midwest.

In our last issue, we reported on Indian Casino summer concert trends relating to artist genre, era, and language on a NATIONAL level. (If you missed those stats, just click here.) And while we don’t publish our deep dive data for public consumption (we save that for our concert clients ☺), in this issue, we nevertheless dig one level deeper to give you regional trends that indicate what’s hot and what’s not in your general area.


We grouped events into four categories: Rock, Country, Comedy, and Other (e.g., Jazz, Hispanic, Adult Contemporary, etc.) to determine where each of these has performed the strongest this summer. Perhaps you thought that the biggest market for country music is in the Southwest or Midwest. Well actually…

  • As a percentage of total events, country music was strongest in the Northwest where it comprised 38% of total engagements
  • For Rock, the Southwest states are the winners with 68% of total engagements (although Midwest was a close second at 64%).
  • Looks like the Northeast laughs the loudest, where comedy makes up approximately 1 out of every 4 Indian Casino engagements
  • And the region most willing to go out of its comfort zone is the Pacific Southwest, where “Other” engagements make up 10%.
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Similarly, artists from specific eras also have their sweet spots this summer. While 1970s classics have made up 15% of all Indian Casino concerts this summer, their biggest market as a percentage of total engagements is the Midwest at 19%. For the contemporary category (2000s), the Southeast wins out at 33% as compared to 19% nationally. Northeast, Northwest, and Pacific Southwest were the favorites for other decades. (See chart)

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This summer, Indian Casinos hosted national headline concert events in 23 states. And while the top 5 states make up 22% of the total, they are nevertheless responsible for over 60% of those concerts. The #1 state is right in Yapsody’s backyard – California – with a whopping 177 performances, which is more than double Oklahoma, the #2 state. See the stats below…

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Next month, we’ll wrap up our summer stats series talking about specific artists who really turned up the heat during this Indian Casino summer concert season.

This is just a high-level overview of the trends we track.  For more detailed or specific data regarding trends in Indian Casino entertainment, please contact us.

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