Yapsody Newsletter – September 2016

A Triple Ovation for Penn & Teller!

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September 1, 2016 - It’s one thing to break the magician’s code; completely another to come up with tricks that are meant to be exposed to make the audience feel that they know what is happening but they actually don’t because you’re still doing something completely different on a very independent level. An illusion within an illusion can only be pulled off by real magicians, who aren’t still trying to pull hares out of hats, who have toured far and wide to learn the art of magic, who come in a pack of two and are known as Penn and Teller!

This dynamic duo has been performing together since the late 1970s, and they owe their inseparableness to mutual respect and off-stage space, unlike usual partners who are too emotionally attached to each other. While Penn is usually the conversationalist engaging the audience in a continual commentary, Teller is the quiet one who acts it all out and generally converses non-verbally.

Both of them work together to perform tricks that are not just awe-inspiring, but also ridiculously funny. They have put up numerous acts while touring in the 1990s, are frequently appearing on television shows, and have also authored books related to magic tricks. Penn & Teller were honored with a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their achievements in the Live Performance category.

Their performance at Northern Quest Resort & Casino had Penn posing as the set-up man, distracting the audience with his incessant talking while Teller managed the mischief with no eyes on him, thereby leaving the audience in a state of wonderment. They displayed one of their famous acts, “Cell Fish”, and also talked about breaking the seven rules of magic when they exposed the ‘cup and ball’ trick to the audience.

This month, Yapsody gives the true sorcerers, Penn and Teller, a triple ovation for: (a) entertaining with a perfect blend of magic and humor, (b) letting in the audience on their secrets (or at least making them believe so), and (c) preserving the true art form of magic and being able to mesmerize the audience even after almost forty years of performing together.

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