Yapsody Newsletter - June 2016

What’s Trending In Indian Casino Entertainment?

June 1, 2016 - Have you ever wondered where the concert industry would be without Indian gaming? The impact that Indian casinos have on the concert industry is staggering. This is especially true during the summer-fun season when artists are “On The Road Again ♪♪♪” performing in sparsely populated oases of glitter and sparkling lights between “Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A. ♪♪♪”. Hosting almost 700 national headliner performances this summer, Indian Gaming is where it’s at.

Yapsody’s data team closely tracks the Indian casino concert sector. The data that we collect is one of the various factors we consider when advising our casino clients on their entertainment lineups. In this article, we decided to use that data to give our readers some high-level insight on headline entertainment trends within the Indian casino sector.


Rock and country music are often perceived as rivals. However, with rock at 61% and country at only 23% of all Indian casino performances this summer, country music doesn’t even come close to rivaling rock. On a regional basis, country music is strongest in the Northwest, where it will comprise approximately 39% of this summer’s Indian casino concert performances in that region.

Break Down By Genre


Pop icons like Duran Duran and Culture Club are driving an 80’s resurgence that represents approximately 25% of this summer’s Indian casino performances nationwide, with 90’s artist performances a close second at 24%. On a regional basis, the Southeast is the only region in which 80s performances (14%) are being overshadowed by a significant margin: 27% artists from the 2000’s and 27% artists from the 1970’s.

Breakdown By Decade


Artists performing in Asian languages will comprise only 1% of this summer’s total nationwide performances. The largest showing of Asian language performances will take place in the Pacific Southwest, where Asian language shows will comprise approximately 5% of that region’s entire performance volume. And while Spanish language performances will comprise only 4% of this summer’s nationwide performance volume, it will be strongest in the Pacific Southwest and Southwest regions, where it comprises 7% of all performances in those regions.

Breakdown By Language

Be sure to check out our upcoming July and August newsletter issues for more stats and charts on the current summer 2016 Indian casino entertainment season.

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