Yapsody Newsletter - June 2016

Driving Ticketing Traffic from Q&A Sites

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June 1, 2016 - If you were to stand in the middle of a market street filled with thousands of busy shoppers and promote your upcoming event, and if you were to do the same in a small room occupied by people belonging to your target audience, which way would you get more attendees?

For all those who chose the second option, read on, because we have the key to such rooms.

Often, when we think about digital marketing, we only think about social media and leave out an absolutely crucial source of traffic and higher conversion rates – Q&A sites.

These websites let you connect to your potential audience directly, create brand awareness, drive more visitors to your event page and improve your SEO.

Extracting traffic from Q&A websites involves a lot of activities. Some of them include

✔ Engaging in Q&A sessions related to your industry for building a direct relationship with your potential audience,

✔ Improving your SEO by including links to your websites, and

✔ Using Q&A sites for market research.

Three simple points or three extremely vast domains of applying marketing knowledge and experience to actually reap something out of the strategy involving Q&A sites?

Q&A sites can be extremely tricky, partly because you’re not sending out mass emails or publishing posts that will be viewed by a thousand random people; you’re initiating a very personal form of communication with people who explicitly belong to your niche. Every answer has to be precisely crafted, complete with facts and real-life experiences, because it has to add to your credibility and boost up your profile. Only then can your presence on the Q&A website will be of significant marketing value.

At Yapsody, we think of our digital marketing strategies as secret recipes that are a blend of ingenious marketing solutions, which not only find a way around the loopholes, but also make sure it’s the best way possible. Similarly, we’ve worked with Q&A websites and formulated a plan that effectively bypasses the shortcomings of incorporating these sites into a marketing strategy. This is a foolproof way to boost traffic and improve SEO without having to dedicate a lot of time and efforts of your team members.


While social media is an absolute hit, it’s stupid to ignore the fact that Q&A sites are responsible for 15% of the traffic driven to your page. Although their effectiveness is unquestioned, it takes a lot of time and patience to build your brand on these websites. It is also mentally exhausting when you have to find out interesting ways to answer questions and earn those upvotes.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your reputation be. A profile’s credibility is directly proportional to the duration of its existence i.e. older the profile, more credible it is. Only after you’ve earned enough credit points can you project yourself as a well-informed person belonging to a reputed company.

This is precisely why you should relax and fall back on Yapsody’s Digital Marketing Strategy, which ensures efficient exploitation of the features of Q&A websites to add value to your marketing campaigns. Oh, and it’s so much more interesting than mass emails and Facebook posts!

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