Yapsody Newsletter - June 2016

A Triple Ovation and a Toast to Charlie Daniels!

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June 1, 2016 - When you come across someone like Charles Edward “Charlie” Daniels, an almost eighty-year-old multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and singer who still performs with the fervor of a twenty-year-old, you don’t see a normal human being; you see a bottle of Au Paradis, the finest kind of wine that only gets better with age.

This month, Yapsody gives a Triple Ovation and raises a toast to this fine gentleman and his band for (i) their ardour, (ii) their brilliant music that’s a blend of country, bluegrass and Southern rock, and (iii) their breathtaking performances at Downstream Casino Resort, Northern Lights Casino, and Dakota Magic Casino & Resort.

Inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, and Country Music Hall of Fame, Charlie Daniels has worked with the likes of Elvis Presley and won a Grammy for his record-breaking country hit, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. His subsequent singles and albums recorded in the 1980s and 1990s earned him still more stardom, and they continue to receive airplay on country stations even today, after more than twenty years.

Daniels’ music has attracted a sizeable throng of faithful fans, and his commitment to his passion, despite all kinds of obstacles, ensures that his shows sell out like those of a new age rockstar, and sometimes even better than them. Currently a resident of Mount Juliet, Tennessee, he even has a park named after him in the city. His unmatched guitar, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin playing skills, and the fact that he continues to tour frequently, are a perfect demonstration of the phrase – “age is just a number”.

His performances at Downstream, Northern Lights and Dakota Magic brought in a fresh audience, young and old, and the entertainment meter practically exploded. So treat your players to the finest kind of wine. Get “Charlie Daniel’s” to your venue and be ready to get your players lost in a trance that will take them straight to the casino floor.

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