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A Triple Ovation For The Multi-Talented Rodney Carrington!

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April 1, 2016 - Entertainment is a very generic term. It could mean anything, ranging from singing and acting to standup comedy. In that case, Rodney Carrington is Entertainment. Or maybe, just maybe, Entertainment is Rodney Carrington.

This month, topping Yapsody's Ovation List is the comedian, country singer, actor, writer, and possessor of multiple SOLD OUT shows (two of which were at Fort Hall Casino on March 13) – Rodney Carrington!

We know a person is really good at what he does when he sells out every show he performs in, has nine major-label albums, has co-written and co-starred in a Tex Ritter Award-winning feature film Beer for My Horses, and has a self-starring sitcom which is also named after him. Rodney's work primarily consists of comic acts punctuated with comedy country originals. While singles like "More of a Man", "Don't Look Now" and "Camouflage and Christmas Lights" have made it to the charts, Rodney's faithful followers' personal favorite had to be "Letter to My Penis".

Pollstar states that Rodney has been one of the Top Ten highest grossing touring comedians for the past ten years straight, and he's also been amongst the Top Five for the past several years. While on-stage, he is a fun-filled, bright-eyed guy in a black hat who makes the audience roll off their chairs with his perfect comic timing and precious ability to make the most inappropriate jokes sound downright hilarious, off-stage he's even established a presence in the quieter profession of a writer by releasing his hard cover book titled Rodney Carrington, Coming Clean. His greatest hits package, a two-disc set containing his comedy sketches and country music is platinum certified in US.

His two shows at Fort Hall were absolute hits, and the SOLD OUT tag definitely justifies the above statement.

Yapsody awards Rodney Carrington the Triple Ovation rating for (i) selling out two shows on the same day while on his "Here Comes The Truth" Tour (which you can still catch up on, if you missed his performance at Fort Hall), (ii) his ability to perform standup comedy and sing at the same time, and (iii) the fact that his audience spans all age groups (all adult age groups, of course). And, if we're allowed, a number (iv) for his easy-going attitude and jovial personality, which makes him our personal favorite!

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